ReachView v2.22.7 is out for all devices

We are glad to release an updated stable ReachView v2.22! The latest update delivers enhanced stability and overall UX improvements for all Reach devices.

Here is the whole list of improvements and fixes you can find in this release.


  • Reach is able to handle internet connection drops since this release, all streams (NTRIP or any other TCP-based protocols) will be sent/receive data packages as soon as a valid internet connection comes
  • Add “Raw data debug” in Settings which enables more data for debugging purposes. This is not a functional change but rather a change that might help us debug some of the issues that some users face
  • Add mobile data usage statistics
  • Add ZDA NMEA messages
  • Disable blinking of the power button on stakeout
  • Make NTRIP tab loading faster
  • Subtract antenna height during point averaging
  • Show RMS values for RS2
  • RS2: Add accuracy to the Status tab
  • RS2: Add ‘Loading’ state when initializing the SIM-card


  • Fix Hotspot Wi-Fi connection drop
  • Fix VRS for some NTRIPs
  • Fix manual base position applying
  • Fix Full System Report downloading with SIM card inserted on RS2
  • Fix LEDs charge estimation
  • Stop transmitting data when Base Mode is disabled
  • Fix 0% hangs in processing of RINEX
  • iOS: Survey: fix cancel button behavior
  • Fix missing epochs in raw data logs and bug with some L2 carrier dropped during conversion to RINEX
  • Make NTRIP URL case-independent.
  • Fix incorrect RINEX log size representation
  • Fix NMEA GGA messages to show correct heights
  • Fix disability to switch from GLONASS to BeiDou in the original Reach, Reach RS and Reach M+/RS+
  • Fix processing corrections when all RTCM3 messages are selected in the Base mode tab, but the satellite system isn’t selected in the RTK settings
  • Fix broken version badge
  • Fix bug with the 1000 AR ratio value
  • Fix entering the fractional antenna height in the Base mode tab in manual mode
  • Update LoRa frequency constraints for Australia
  • Fix incorrect correction input/position output stream status
  • Miscellaneous UI improvements

This release is available for all devices.

Updating your Reach RTK and Reach RS

In order to update your device to the latest version and receive further OTA firmware updates, you need to perform a good ol’ firmware reflashing described in our docs.

Update 4.02.2020



  • Fix RTK status freezes after USB-to-PC setup
  • Fix issue causing sudden shutdowns appearing on some RS+ and RS2 units

Update 13.02.2020



  • Fix potential missing timemarks on Reach M+

Update 02.03.2020



  • Fix possible errors in the RINEX L2 conversions on Reach M2
  • Fix incorrect checksum for NMEA GPGSV, GLGSV, GAGSV, and GBGSV messages

Update 16.04.2020



  • Fix Glonass corrections generation on Reach RS/RS+
  • Fix Reach RS+/M+ RTK performance over LoRa
  • Fix a rare situation when solution logs have observations from 1980

Update 01.06.2020


For now, this release is available for Reach RS2 and Reach M2 only.

Fixes for all devices

  • Fix some NTRIP-related RTK issues
  • Fix vague toggle behavior on the Logging tab
  • Fix SNR status view for base satellites
  • Sort satellites in RINEX log
  • Fix RTCM3 to RINEX conversions for L2 frequency (GPS, GLONASS)
  • Fix some issues with extra time marks on Reach M2

Reach RS2 fixes

  • Blink LEDs for two seconds in night mode after a short button tap on Reach RS2
  • Fix sudden shutdowns appearing on some devices
  • Enable shutdown indication in night mode
  • Fix indication when a Reach RS2 is almost charged
  • Fix the situation when RS2 can’t turn on after storage in the cold until plugged into the charger
  • Fix some cases of Test 2 failures
  • Fix the issue when the position might get lost when the mobile data is lost

Update 23.06.2020

v2.22.5 is now available for all devices.


  • RTK stability improved
  • Fix Test 2 failures on Reach RTK

Update 17.08.2020

v2.22.6 is available for all devices.


  • Fix a rare situation when RS+ can get stuck on loading and blinks green LED longer than anticipated

Update 24.08.2020



  • Address an issue that led to an erroneous green LED blinking pattern on RS+

This is a great release with lots of important fixes. Any chance you will work on UTM coordinates support? Many of our clients requesting this feature since release of first RS. Big thanks for great work.


this stable version ? o is test

Has this addressed this issues of using the RS2 as a base for Trimble Rovers?


hola luis como estas
en esta version no hay que volver a la 2.0.8 porque la prueban y empiezan a detectar fallas esta si esta bien testeada porque es un problema para mi reflashear para rebresar a versiones anteriores

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Please keep posts in English, so all can follow.


sorry i think that the message are particular

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Hi @l3technologycambodia,

Thanks for the request! This is on our roadmap.

Hi Curt,

At the moment, Reach RS2 doesn’t output 1007/1008 RTCM3 messages. We’re still looking into the possibility of adding it.


Updated 1xRS, 1xRS+ and 2xRS2.
No update issues to report :vulcan_salute:


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Update all my devices without any inconvenience. In RS +, when the connection is updated, the connection is cut but when the update is executed again, it does so without problems.
Just need to try in the field


I love you honey bunny!

I hope to test my device with the raw logging dropout soon, but I’m currently starting a second business and do not have the time. I hope to integrate the dual frequency receivers into a new product and such reliable and long lasting service is a great argument for choosing an Emlid device. Thank you very much!

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do you have an idea how big (5 mb - 100mb ?) is this update ?



I’m fairly new to the reach products, but I’m not finding an accuracy section on the Status tab. Where is this located?

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