Reach doesn't pass the time sync

I have the same problem. Time sync blink.

How many satellites over the SnR threshold do you have?

I cannot generate a report. Can’t get through reachview.

Regards. The green led does not have to do with the satellites, you can turn on the RS + inside a structure that does not receive a satellite signal and the equipment must start (obviously it will not show any satellite or location).

The green led (steady) indicates that the RS + is ready to work, it is similar to a laptop, you know that the laptop is ready when the windows has already loaded and you can use it.

This problem with the green led in this firmware version has been reported to a manual shutdown problem (with the button), for now it must be turned off directly from the reachview APP.

green led blink. wifi is connecting phone but reachview cannot see the receiver.

The green led when blinking means that the RS + could not start correctly, therefore you will not be able to use it, you cannot open reachview on your phone because it did not start correctly. When the green led is steady it means that the RS + started well and therefore you can use reachview.

Flashing green led means that RS + cannot be used because it did not start correctly.

The green LED is part of the time-sync process and this is accomplished by acquiring satellites, position and then syncing the time so yes it does require satellites.

full report sent. Can’t see satellites. Updated the firmware after that it stopped working.

Personally I think this is a bug. M+ models inconsistently have had red (power) blinking and green (final sync) blinking issues over time. I have been able to solve red by using a wall charger that seemed to wake it up and green by getting better sky view. Every once in a while I can do it from a south facing window in my house, but it usually takes considerably more time.

Hi @fogis12,

I have received your system report via email, thanks!

Do I understand correctly that you’re working with Reach RS+? Is it true that you got your Reach RS+ through the time sync by connecting it to the Wi-Fi network?

Would you mind elaborating on the issue with the unit not being able to turn on?

Hello, @polina.buriak
I struggle the same issue: time sync led blinks, but ReachView is not accessible. However :5000 page shows that all good. Reflashing solves issue, but the next day it occurs again,
I could ssh to the unit and see such records in the dev_utils.log:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "build/lib/dev_utils/timesync/", line 62, in main
      File "build/lib/dev_utils/timesync/", line 55, in run
    TimeSyncError: g-dbus-error-quark: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: Failed to read RTC: Invalid argument (16)
    [2020-08-06 07:40:25,798] [   ERROR] --- All tries failed (

I can provide additional logs if needed.
My setup is the following:

  • Reach RS+
  • ReachView version: 2.22.5
  • connected both indoors but with a view of sky
  • connected to the known network with access to internet

Hi Aidar,

Thanks for the detailed report!

We’re currently working on fixing this green LED issue. I’ll reach out to you once the update is released.


Thank you very much, I also have the same problem and I would like to know the solution.

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We’ll post an update once we release the fix for this issue.

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released the v2.22.6 update that should resolve the issue with the blinking green LED.

To update to this version, please, reach the Updater page on 5000 port: type Reach’s IP in the network to the address bar of the Internet browser and add :5000, for example,

Make sure you connect the receiver to the network with Internet access. Then, the receiver will fetch the update. Please keep us informed if this firmware version solves the blinking green LED issue for you.


Hi guys,

Just wanted to tell you that we’ve released the v2.22.7 update which should fix the green LED issue for all of the devices. May I ask you to update to it and check the green LED’s behavior?

You can update your receivers through the Updater page. To access it, type Reach's_IP:5000 in the address bar of your Internet browser.

Please keep us updated on whether the issue is resolved for you.

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