Cannot export survey files or reaccess survey projects from Reach RS2 in reach view

Today, while we were measuring, the Reach RS2 receiver was closed (it had the battery fully charged), and now I can no longer access the project or download the measurements.

Hi @amc.proiect,

Could you please clarify what firmware version is installed on your Reach RS2 device?
What is happening when you try to open the survey project or download it?

Rs2 was closed while we were measuring (the battery was full). After that I could not open the project in which I measured and I had to do another one. The project in which the device was closed cannot be exported or open. How can I recover the measurements.
The rest of the projects have no problem.
I have version 2.22


Also, please send me the Full System report from the device in PM, so we can check what might be a reason for this shutdown. (2.0 MB)

Hi @amc.proiect,

Thanks for the report!

We’ll look into it and get back to you once there’s news.

Hey there,

Just wanted to announce that we fixed some issues causing the sudden shutdowns of the units in the v2.22.1 firmware version :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all

I had the same problem on two different RS2. version of the first device is 2.22.3 and version of the second device is 2.22.4

There is a system report of the device with the version 2.22.4 attached. I flashed frimware again on the device with version 2.22.3 and there is no system report in version 2.22.3

SystemReport (1).zip (2.3 MB)

When I browse the survey folder with Filezilla, the geodata appears as 0 kb and there is no data in it.

I hope there is a definitive solution as soon as possible.

Hi Akay,

Do I understand correctly that you’ve experienced the issue with the survey export on both of the latest stable firmware updates v2.22.3 and v2.22.4?

Hi Polina

Yes unfortunately

Hi Akay,

We apologize for the survey projects inconvenience!

The issue with the survey project export has been fixed since the v2.23.2 dev firmware version. Please note that dev versions are not intended for the real-field use. They mainly serve as the quick access to the new features.

Fixes from the dev versions will be pushed to the next stable release. However, I’m afraid that I can’t provide you with an exact date for it.

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