BT satellites output on v2.22.1

The „Check-Sum Error” probably causes that the external programme to picking given reads only 4 satellite from individual systems (4 - GPS, 4- GLONASS, 4- Galileo).

I ask to confirm that Emild analyses the problem NMEA „Check-Sum Error”

Hey there,

Sorry for the delayed response!

Thanks for pointing out this issue. We’re checking the output at the office and will get back to you with the news.

He thanks for the answer.
In the enclosure the additional data on the confirmation of the problem.

Reach View 2.23.1
Reach RTK (730.6 KB)

ReachView v2.23.2 he still appears “Check-Sum Error” in the data NMEA

Hi Polina

You have for me the solution of the problem?

Hi Polina,
My suggestion to you is to check the Reach View is not mistaken in one of its implemented components with zenith elevation (precisely: zenith distance, zenith angle) instead of the elevation mask.
‘Zenit elevation’ is equal to 90 degrees minus the "elevation mask ".
Hence, probably such a small number of satellites as visible.

Hello Ryszard

I think that the Zenith elevation is not the cause. The data is taken only from the 2 of poems $ GPGSV. Satellites are sorted according to numbering and not the Zenith elevation.

Hey there,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

We can confirm there’s an issue with checksum in the latest ReachView. Shortly we’ll post more specific information on it and on the release of the fix for it.

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Hi Polina

Thanks for the answer. Can you write the exact deadline of the introduction of the correction?

Hi Pawel,

The issue with the incorrect checksums was fixed in the v2.22.3 update. You can check other fixes in this community forum thread.

Thank you for fixing the problem. I checked. It is now correctly in our external application.


2.22.3 is Stable or Dev ?


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Hi Polina

I thank Polina for the solution of the problem. I confirm that ReachView v2.22.3 works correctly


Hi Luis,
Just to remind a rule :
even numbers are stable, odd are dev (development).

2.14.x stable
2.15.x dev
2.16.x stable
2.17.x dev
2.18.x stable
2.19.x dev
2.20.x stable
2.21.x dev
2.22.x stable
2.23.x dev

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Thanks You Zinou , I continue with version 2.22.1 that works very well?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for checking the update and confirming that the issue was solved!

Luis, this new update fixes the checksums and some issues with L2 conversion on M2. It’s usually better to be up-to-date with the latest firmware updates.


Hello Luis,
If a stable version 2.22.1 works good for you do not make an upgrade unless it’s for an M2.

I have an RS2

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