ReachView v2.23.9 is out for all devices

Hello, guys!

We are glad to release yet another dev ReachView v2.23.

Here is the list of improvements and fixes introduced in this release.


  • Allow using special characters like / in the NTRIP credentials
  • Fix the issue when the position might get lost when the mobile data is lost
  • Add the recovery for surveying projects
  • Deprecate Bluetooth scanning initiated on the device


  • Fix IPv6 handling

This release is available for all devices.

Update 13.02.2020



  • Allow setting up the output rate to 0.1 Hz only for 1006 RTCM3 message


  • Fix some Wi-Fi issues observed on RS+
  • Fix potential missing timemarks on M+
  • Fix “Night mode” description for devices without sound notifications

Update 19.02.2020



  • Fix NTRIP-related RTK issues on M2 and RS2

Update 05.03.2020



  • Fix issues with connection to NTRIP casters on TCP ports < 3000
  • Fix potential issues with UTC in timemarks logged on M2

Update 27.03.2020



  • Support shutdown on the bottom connector on RS+
  • Toggle access from public IP


  • Fix the situation when RS2 can’t turn on after storage in the cold until plugged into the charger
  • Eliminate hotspot drops when the SIM card is inserted
  • Improve compatibility with NTRIP casters that send a large number of messages
  • Get sound notifications on volume change back
  • Show decimals with AR ratio integer values that were gone in v2.23.3

Update 20.04.2020



  • Reach RS+/M+ RTK performance over LoRa
  • Drop RTCM2 support in Correction Input and Position Output tabs


  • Fix ‘Send NMEA’ checkbox glitch
  • Fix the 1010 RTCM3 message payload
  • Fix false positive failures of Test 2 on Reach RS2
  • Fix a rare situation when solution logs have observations from 1980
  • Save NTRIP fields in Base Tab after a refresh
  • Restrict “Disable public access” feature to Reach RS2 only as it doesn’t make sense for devices w/o SIM-cards

Update 23.04.2020



  • Fix Base mode LED indication
  • “Settings not applied” messages in the interface are gone
  • The updating process from v2.23.4 to v2.23.5 misbehavior is addressed

Update 29.06.2020



  • RTK stability improved
  • Fix rare sudden shutdowns appearing on some devices
  • Add shutdown indication when in night mode
  • Blink LEDs for two seconds in night mode after a short button tap on Reach RS2

Update 21.07.2020



  • RTK performance improvements
  • Restart RTK engine if correction input was updated (available on all L1 devices)


  • Miscellaneous stability improvements
  • Fix incorrectly processed antenna height from some NTRIP providers



  • Fix a rare situation when RS+ can get stuck on loading and blinks green LED longer than anticipated
  • Fix some Bluetooth related issues on device loading
  • Fix hiding manual mode when the base coordinates are received
  • Fix selected logs removal when leaving the Logging tab
  • Get rid of the white page before ReachView is accessible
  • Fix a rare situation when some settings are not applied

Really? these are the ONLY things in the new release? When the heck are you going to improve the app to allow calculation of the mean position (and RMS error) for points logged at a single location over an occupancy period of several minutes? This is one of the most common uses for these devices and I’ve had to use a 3rd party app (posprocessor_v0.2.1 referred to on the forum) to do this. It works but it is a bit clunky and not clear how or if it screens points based on quality. Several other users have come up with their own versions of this. But your app should make this easy.

Come on!!!

This is a development-release. If you want the latest stable release, then grab the just released v2.22.1 release: ReachView v2.22 is out for all Reach Devices

This is already working in the Survey-tab of Reachview?


OK thanks for this but I’m confused. Your link refers to an update for ReachView for “all Reach devices” but the follow up link is for updating the Reach RTK and Reach RS. I’m using the RS2 but I’m guessing this counts as one of the “all Reach Devices.” Following this link seems to get into updating firmware not on my device but on the RS2 itself.

On my ipad, I’m running reachview v 2.20.7. When I go to the App store and click on version history, it just lists v1.5 last updated 8 months ago. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see how to updated to v2.22.1. Can you clarify?

At this point in time, ReachView proper is a web server that runs on your Reach device. You can access ReachView by typing Reach’s local IP address into your browser. It has version numbers like the title of the post: v2.23.0 and you can see that at the top of your ReachView screen.

The ReachView app for Android/iOS is the thing that runs on your smart device. It helps you find Reach on your local network and it will bring up the ReachView web page in a browser window. This app is used for a more seamless user experience. You can see the version of the ReachView app in your smartphone settings menu, along with your other apps.

So yes, you can upgrade your Android/iOS app, and you can also update your Reach firmware, but they are separate things.

As of right now, if you want new features on your Reach device, this is not something that comes from an app store. It comes direct from Emlid’s servers by an OTA update which you can trigger from the ReachView settings menu (gear icon).

(Another way is to download and reflash your Reach’s firmware, but you still have to perform the OTA update afterward.)

Your Reach device is running ReachView firmware v2.20.7 (outdated)
Your iPad is running the iOS ReachView app v1.5 (current)


ok thanks , where we can download it please ??!!!

My personal opinion is not to leave with 2.20.7, but you decide.

Is not updated 2.23.1

I can understand complaining about missing features, but you need to understand that this dev release is addressing critical, process-breaking regressions that appeared in 2.22. I would have complained rightfully if this had taken weeks to address, but blaming the devs for addressing serious issues as quickly as they did is a bit perplexing.


Same Problem

Sometimes it takes a little longer for the update to reach different parts of the world. Sorry about that. Could you please check now?

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Yes, it works


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Noticed an issue with 2.23.3, in the logging section, selecting logging to on doesn’t always start logging. I had to toggle the switch several times to get it to start.

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Hello I updated my M2 to this latest version , now it will not apply the lora settings

I repeatedly get this message

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Does Reach transmit corrections? Just so we understand if it’s interface issue or it really doesn’t apply settings.

Hi Rory,

Thanks for reporting. Could remember if you had “Raw data debug” option enabled in Settings?

This is what I get on my rover

Seems it receives at least number of satellites from base. We’ll try to reproduce this here.

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Also everytime I click apply in corrections output it accumulates data over again in base coordinates