RS+ Elevation measure

When I collected point in my Survey Project it gives me 2m higher, that is my problem

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Someone just mentioned to me that GALILEO is currently having trouble and is not to be used until further notice. (It is not an Emlid thing, it is GALILEO itself)


What value do you set up in Pole height settings in Survey tool of ReachView?
Can you show me a screenshot, please?


Appears all your settings are correct and you obviously know what you are doing.

Are you 100% certain your Sokkia prior vertical measurements are correct? The 2m difference seems to point to a rover pole?


I changed my pole level to zero and I still getting 2m higher !!!

Can you try against a known point with both the Sokkia and the Reach ?

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I am not familiar with that concrete trig point, as here in USA, so I assume it is like our benchmark monuments embedded in the ground surface with known coordinates and elevation tied to it?

How is the elevation measured on those trig marks? I assume by mounting the RS (BASE) with 5/8 adapter onto it? So you would enter the known coordinates and elevation of the trig point on record, then enter this into Base Mode manually, then enter antenna height… is the antenna height then from bottom of 5/8 threaded adapter (top of concrete trig point) to bottom of RS plus 65mm to ARP?

Seems if this concrete trig point is an actual known point (benchmark), then as @wizprod is stating, to measure this properly with the RS and also the Sokkia. Then if you can relocate the BASE relative to known point and test with ROVER with 2m rover pole height?

Curious, did you happen to let the BASE AVERAGE SINGLE over a point then do the following (from DOCS):

Save averaged position to manual
After you have successfully obtained averaged position you might want to save it for future use. Click on the “save coordinates” icon and position will be saved as if it was entered in manual mode. Now every time Reach starts it will broadcast this position in correction messages.

If so, you would use 0 for antenna height since the actual height measured is from the ARP relative to the ellipsoid height.

But i think you mentioned you had tried 0, and still 2m off. Wonder if the Sokkia is off?

But i think you mentioned you had tried 0, and still 2m off.
Yes you got it.

Can I ask you to share your exported CSV with a project, please?

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All my exist points done by Sokkia

Can I ask you to share your exported CSV with a project, please?
Main (3.9 KB)

Please, share original CSV file downloaded from the Reach as there’s no info about collection start/end time, solution status, RMS, sample count and antenna height.


Main (663 Bytes)

I think I knew wher is my mistake
During collecting the point in the survey mode it gives me 2m higher, but when I accepted and save it and downloaded from the Reach view it looks good.
Many thanks all of you:heart_eyes::heart
@ bidePro user
@ timd1971
@ andrew.yushkevich
@ wizprodChristian Grüner

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What the rms means ? and it appears that if it higher it gives a good result . The reading under hearth from my CSV file.

lateral rms
points here done by SOKKIA
And here done by My RS+

Root Mean Square

Seems sokkia point 176 and reach rs+ point 222 is a difference of 0.1860885m (7.326 inches) for example.

The sokkia receivers are multi-frequency correct? vs. Single L1 emlid, so the sokkia would be more accurate for vertical in this case?

Emlid, is the antenna height 2.0865m shown in csv file just for record, but the elevation shown is correct and what to use for the actual point height… as antenna height is already accounted for?

So point elevation isn’t off 2.0865m but 0.1860885m (7.326 inches) off for points 176 and 222?

And for points 182 and 226 is 0.0209 m. It looks good.

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