RS2: position lost when mobile data is lost

I have a bug of the RS2 (running 2.21.2-dev):
I have the RS2 connected to a tablet hotspot, and recieve NTRIP corrections via the internet.

When the mobiel data is lost (no coverage or switched off), after 10-12 seconds the position is lost, no satellites show on status panel, and non of the other fields on status panel is updated anymore.

When data is regained/switched on, position is recovered after a view seconds, and all status fields are live again.

Luckily there is an easy workaround: Put the SIM into the RS2, and share internet to (1.7 MB)

I don’t have an RS2, but I can tell you that this was our experience when trying NTRIP with our machine control and combined with the “slow” network conditions from our available providers is why we stuck with local base stations.


With the RS1, we didn’t have this issue. if the mobile data is lost, it will keep a float for a while, and then just continue with a “single” solution, until corrections come in again.


Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the report! We’ll look into it.

May I ask you to share the screenshots of this issue occuring if there are any?

Hi @polina.buriak, great, thanks!
No sorry I didn’t take any, and now all our RS2 are on a mission.

Hi there,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

We’ll fix this issue in the following dev firmware update :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi guys,

We’ve released the v2.23.0 dev update that should fix the issue with the position loss when the mobile data is lost.

You can check all fixes and improvements of the update in this thread.

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