Can't use special symbols in NTRIP username field on v2.22.0

after upgrading RS2 from version 2.20.8 to 2.22.0, we cannot use the usernames of ntrip servers that contain special characters, specifically the “/” character with a name such as “username/username”. After entering such a user and clicking APPLY, we receive a red message “new settings were not applied”. Special characters in the username are key functionality for us!

Hi @NTP,

Thanks again for the report!

We were able to reproduce the issue and are working on the fix.

No guarantees, but you could try these two possible workarounds:

  • prefix each “/” with a “\”
    • username\/username
  • substitute “/” for the urlencoded equivalent: %2F
    • username%2Fusername

Let us know if that helps at all.

Hey there,

As a temporary workaround, I also can suggest using Reach with the Lefebure NTRIP client app. This app allows getting corrections from NTRIP and can then transmit it to Reach over BT.

Check the Mock location guide in our docs for more details.

I have updated M+ to 2.22.1 and the problem still exists. Please solve it ASAP.

Hi @lukasz.borowik,

We hope to release the fix for the issue in the coming dev update. I’ll write back once it’s pushed.

Dear @tatiana.andreeva,
I have downgraded M+ to 2.18.1 and RS2 to 2.20.8. This allows us to work with “/” in usernames.

Hey there,

We’ve just pushed the dev v2.23.0 update fixing the issue with special symbols in NTRIP username field.

You can subscribe to the dev branch in the ReachView Settings tab (the gear-shaped button). Check out this guide from docs to update Reach device.


Thanks for update. When are you going to merge this fix into stable branch?

Hi Lukasz,

I’m afraid we can’t provide you with any exact date of the new stable release.

The issue still existis in v2.22.4 . Do have any solution?
I can not put username which contains “/” in correction input settings.
It is very important, becuase all usernames in Poland in most popular RTK/RTN network ( are like this: “company/username”.

Hi Darek,

At the moment, only the dev branch contains this fix. It’ll surely take its place in the stable branch later. However, it may take some time as we usually push stable releases only after thorough testing.

To get a dev version, you can subscribe to dev updates in the ReachView Settings.

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Thanks for your reply.
I have upgraded Reach RS to v2.23.6 and now everything is OK (no problem with “/” in username in correcion input).

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Great to know it helped :slightly_smiling_face:

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