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Raspbian This category covers basic questions concerning Raspbian image usage. Flight stack This category covers basic questions concerning autopilot usage and configuration as well as GCS. Related topics may include: ArduPilot parameter configuration, mission planning, flight log analysis. Hardware This category covers specific questions concerning Navio hardware, accessories and drone components. Related topics may include: radios, ESC, motors, frames, batteries. You can also ask questions about Navio+/Navio2 board itself. Project share We have an everyday growing community with outstanding project ideas and exciting research!<br> So in this category, we offer you to post your finished projects, current progress or key moments of your research with Navio+/Navio2 to share knowledge and experience with other encouraged entrepreneurs. To simplify the documentation process we suggest to keep to approximate plan while describing your work: Getting started Welcome, folks! We are happy to see you in this thread and really expecting to see Navio+/Navio2 onboard of your drone very soon! To provide pleasant start of working with the devices Emlid team has developed detailed documentation for <a href="https://docs.emlid.com/navio/">Navio+</a> and for <a href="https://docs.emlid.com/navio2/">Navio2</a>. That is why before asking something we kindly recommend you to look through docs and existing threads to avoid duplication. Forum search is amazing.
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