Unable to locate package ros Navigation

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well.

I am currently working with a Raspberry Pi 4 and ROS Noetic to perform autonomous navigation. However, I’ve been having trouble trying to install the dependencies needed for this.

I found a thread where they shared a script that seems to help install these dependencies:

Apparently, I was able to install all the dependencies, but I’m having trouble with one called “navigation”. When I check the /opt/ros/lib folder, all the other dependencies are installed except this one. This is causing an error when I try to perform my catkin build on my workspace.

I have followed the steps in the above thread, but it looks like I might be making an error when running the code that installs this dependency. According to the attached thread, the command would look something like this:

bash install-ROS-packages.sh “navigation”

I would appreciate any help or suggestions you can offer, thank you very much!

Hi Omar,

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We haven’t tested this particular dependency, so I can hardly suggest anything specific. It’s difficult to determine the exact reason currently; it could be that the changes in the package led to the error. Maybe, someone from our users who’s experienced with it can advise something.