Telemetry Recommendation

Hello, I am making a drone with Navio 2 and Raspberry Pi 4, I’ll buy AT9S Pro and R9DS RC. And also PRM-03 Telemetry Module.

Am I have to buy an USB Telemetry for camera, I’ll connect a camera to Pi 4. Or is there another way to use camera and PRM-03 gonna be enough as Telemetry Module?

Hi @MechaAti,

Can you tell me more about your project? Do you want to do video streaming on Navio2?

Yeah, but project a bit changed. I’ll make a drone with navio2. for sensors and etc. I’ll use PRM-03. I am planning to see values at ods. For video streaming I’ll use (camera is Pi Camera V2) wi-fi. But I need 1km range :smiley: Is there another way without wifi (cause 1km router is hard to find) and also what router can you reccomend me ?

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Some of our users were able to use FPV. But I can only recommend the setup we tested in our Video streaming guide I shared earlier. Maybe someone on the ArduPilot forum can recommend the router.

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