Linux 5.10.11-emlid-v7l source


I am trying to port support for Nanvio2 to Raspbian Bookworm 6.1 kernel release. I am looking at building an ROV and would rather base it on something newer than buster (now relegated to oldoldstable).
Can someone point me to the kernel sources for the 5.10.11 release?
Adding an overlay for 4 x cs for spi0 shouldn’t be a struggle and dkms install of rcio should go ok but I bet there are some minor bit to surprise the unwary!


Hi Nick,

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I’ve found this site with Linux kernel version 5.10.11. Is it what you were looking for?

Please note that Navio2 uses a custom kernel. Here’s a link to the Raspberry Pi Linux kernel patched with rt-patch, and here’s a link to the kernel module.

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HI Olesia

Thanks for the reply

As mentioned, I am interested in building an ROV with a pi4/5 so RT support is less of an issue for me than using more recent distros/kernels and probably arm64 support for machine learning. From prev posts I had inferred that you were no longer maintaining the -rt kernel support and had used PREEMPT rather than PREEMPT_RT so was naively looking for that from a different source rather than building against the -rt source with bcm2711_navio2_defconfig.

I think (please correct me if wrong!) that to get the sensors responding though with degraded latency, all I need is a stock rpi kernel and add the dtoverlay files (spi0-4cs-overlay.dts rcio-overlay.dts and also navio-rgb-overlay.dts if I need led support) with suitable Makefile edits and the kernel module you mention. Am I overly optimistic here?

Doing a meld between rpi-5.10.y (5.10.110) and rpi-5.10.11-navio (5.10.11) I mostly see what looks like loads of minor deltas where the stock kernel may have moved on from the rt patch set (eg python3 not “python”, name changes alone and more detailed error reporting) rather than the rt patches modifying functionality on top but, again, I may be misleading myself.

Thanks again



Yes, our current image supports PREEMPT. Since we patch kernel as well, you can’t just stack kernel and add one device tree overlay.

We don’t have a lot of customization, but for example, without this commit PMW won’t work normally, so you need to take it into consideration.

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