Is it possible to implement multiple Ardupilot in one Navio?

Hi all,

I think this may sound not so familiar but I still keep thinking about the concept where the Ardupilot(s) can be implemented in a single unit, in this case - a single board computer, Pi-like or BeagleBone-like


Each Ardupilot instance will work with corresponding sensors (INS) and actuators (Servos). Everything else will be kept the same.

I guesss the Ardupilot built for Navio could be a solution.
Has anyone thought about this scheme before? Do you think it is possible?
I would like to hear your thoughts and discuss further.


Hi Van,

Welcome to the forum!

Navio is a HAT that works on Raspberry Pi. It needs the firmware and RCIO that is on the Raspberry Pi. So it shouldn’t work like you describe. Maybe one of our users who’s experienced with such setups can give you some additional advice.

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