Navio2 Fixed Wing build?

I am new to Ardupilot Navio2( Linux based Ardupilot).

  1. Can someone let know if Navio2 can be used for fixed wing ? Have used Matek F405 with stable images from ardupilot but wanted to know if Navio2 can be used for Fixed wing or not , If yes then any limitations ?
  2. As I see Ardupilot docs say limitation due to memory (which I don’t see case here as sufficient memory is available)
  3. Is there PCB schematic available for Navio 2 board , wanted to make sure of sensor connections + PDB, Current measurements etc.
    Thanks for all help .
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Hi Raptor,

Welcome to the forum!

We haven’t tested anything specific with fixed wing, but here’s an interesting similar project our user shared: Successfully 60min maden flight with Navio+. 4G cellular communication. You can also check other projects on the forum.

We don’t have a PCB schematic to share; everything necessary is printed on the board. However, we have a pinout and STL/STEP models.

Hi Olesia Riman

Thanks for the information !!
I would like to try both fix wing/copter you mentioned in your reply.

  1. Could you let know if Raspberry Pi here acts just as Companion processor (as I see RC handling on Rasp Pi) or the entire Ardupilot runs on Raspberry Pi ?
    Is this " Emlid Raspberry Pi OS" opensource (If user wants to modify for additional camera etc) ?

  2. I see that Navio2 has its own STM32 (correct me If I am wrong here), How does it communicate with Navio2 about various sensor data SPI/UART - am assuming Mav?

Thanks again for the help and promise this will be my last query :slightly_smiling_face:


  1. Navio is a HAT that works on Raspberry Pi. It needs the Raspberry Pi’s firmware and RCIO. The autopilot’s code works directly on Raspberry Pi. For ArduPilot to work properly, you need to use the configured Raspberry Pi OS distribution that we provide. Following this guide, you can launch a custom ArduPilot binary.
  2. Navio2’s STM32 communication with Navio using RCIO.