Optical Flow Sensor with Navio2

Hi! I have a Hex Hereflow and was wondering if it is compatible with Navio2?

I am planning to connect it to the I2C port but am not sure if it works and the configuration required to ensure it works to allow the drone to have a position estimate. I would greatly appreciate any help in regards to the setting up process.

Below is an image of the optical flow sensor.

Thank you in advance!

The HereFlow optical flow sensor is a lightweight optical flow sensor including a short range lidar which uses the CAN protocol to communicate with the autopilot.

There is no CAN port on the Navio2…

Yes, i am aware. I was just thinking if it can work with I2C.
Do you know some optical flows that are compatible with Navio2 & the setting up process required?

Hi @krys,

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We haven’t tested Navio2 with any specific flow sensors, so I can’t comment on it. But maybe Marc can share his experience. I’ve found mention of the Matek 3901 LOX sensor testing on the UART port in this thread.

I can confirm that there’s no CAN port and there’s an I2C port on Navio2.

We haven’t tested the Hex Hereflow sensor, so I can’t specify if this sensor supports the I2C connection. There’s only mention of a CAN port on the website Marc provided tho.


I have this one https://github.com/micoair/MTF-01_USER_MANUAL

I still have to use it on an Arducopter configuration. It may work with Navio2 serial UART.



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