External USB hub doesn't work with Navio2+RPi4

Hello! I have a problem with power supply for my USB devices, RPi4 provides max current of 1.2A which is not enough. I decided to connect external hub with external power. But it’s not recognized, consequently all connected devices unseen.

What would you suggest in that situation? Is it a core issue or i should adjust some boot settings? My external hub is cheap, might it be the cause why it’s not recognizable? By the way Linux 5.4.0-77-generic on Laptop recognizes that hub.
IMAGE: emlid-raspbian-20220608
Ardupilot: 4.4.4


Hi Sergey,

Since Navio2 doesn’t correspond directly with the USB hub, I can hardly advise on anything specific. It could be the issue with the RPi4. You can check if any other USB devices work with the RPi4. I can also advise you to check the Raspberry Pi forum for similar issues. Maybe somewhere had a similar experience.

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