Cheerson CX-OF Optical Flow with Navio2

Hi! I am planning to purchase Cheerson CX-OF Optical Flow and connecting it to the UART port. I will like to ask for help in establishing the connection to QGC & Ardupilot to solve the “Position Estimate Required” error.

I am utilizing ArduPilot as the firmware, which is interfaced with MAVROS (MAVLink to ROS). Additionally, the hardware includes APM (ArduPilot Mega) for enhanced control and autonomy.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Christine,

Welcome to the forum!

I can suggest сhecking the resources that provide ArduPilot documentation regarding this CX-OF Optical Flow sensor.

Regarding the establishing connection “Position Estimate Required” error, please check that the device passes the first-time checks and calibrations in the QGC.

Hi @olesia.riman, i have went into the forum to check, however i am curious if Navio2 supports it via UART port as the information provided by Ardupilot uses PikHawk. There were some configurations that i could not find under “Parameters” in QGroundControl.

If the Cheerson CX-OF Optical Flow sensor uses the UART logical level and can be powered by Navio2 (or by a separate power board), the connection is possible. I can hardly advise if this particular parameter is crucial for the ArduPilot. However, maybe some additional answers can be found on the ArduPilot forum.

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