Navio2 Compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4?

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in the process of selecting a Navio2 board for my Raspberry Pi project, and I stumbled upon some conflicting information. In the documentation( Hardware setup | Navio2 ), it states that Navio2 is supported on Raspberry Pi 4. However, when browsing the Robotshop store, I noticed that it specifies Navio2 for Raspberry Pi 2/3 ( ).

I’m curious if there are multiple versions of the Navio2 board, or if the store description might not be updated to reflect compatibility with Raspberry Pi 4. Has anyone successfully used Navio2 with a Raspberry Pi 4, or is there a specific version I should be looking for?

Any clarification on this matter would be extremely helpful. Thank you in advance for your insights!

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Hi @lpsdlv,

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Navio2 can work with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, as mentioned in the guide you shared. There’s only one version of Navio2, and the one from Roboshop should work with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B.