Correct ESC Connection


I’m using Navio2 with RPi4 to control an x configured quadcopter.

I want to ask what’s the correct way of connecting ESCs to Navio2. Should I connect all 4 BECs output or only one ?

The reason I’m asking this because on the documentation in the following link:

it says only one BEC output should be connected otherwise they will heat each other.

However in the following link:

I can see all 4 BEC outputs are connected.

So which one is correct ?

Thank you.

Hi @mchawa,

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You can use instructions from the first link you shared so that only one ESC power wire (central) is connected to the Navio2 servo rail.

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Ok thank you so much.

PS. To everyone reading this, I made a mistake in the original post, the first image is not correct it should be this one:

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