OSD Data with video stream overlay

my name is Sam, and I hope to get a helpful advise on this great forum…

my objective is to make or benefit from prebuild project about overlaying the OSD data with a on fly streamed video.

I had read carefully the great discussion started with George Andrikopoulos,
in (2015)
and I see a great and helpful(with respect to my goal) discussion with other members .

however, as you know that the OSD today is different from 2015 , and today the most Usage of OSD are in the digital domain(like DJI FPV and so on …) instead of analog one. also the Links pasted in the George Andrikopoulos discussion are not yet available.

so the OSD today is need to be digitally compatible .

My objective is to make an offboard device or system, has the capability of accepting digital video input (HDMI or IP CAM) and accepting MAVLink data from telemetry , and overlay the MAVLink data with video input in OSD format,

the output of the device is also HDMI port that outfit the overlay data with video stream at the same screen, as the figure attached is showing.

until now the hardware to be used are not specified, but as a first thinking, the raspberry pi is a great hardware since it has an input USB video stream and Output HDMI .

my question is any one guide me to a prebuild project or device to use them as a starting point.

thank you

Hi Samer,

Welcome to the forum!

I can hardly be of help with OSD data questions. Hopefully, someone from our users who’s experienced with it can advise something.

Hello thank you for your response ,

Generally, we can share the thinking about this topic.