Reach Firmware 26 Beta 2 is out for all devices

Hello everyone!

We have been working hard on the stability and reliability of our devices and want to present a new dev update. This release is fully supported by ReachView 3 app.
The 2.25.1-dev release has a lot of improvements both under the hood and visible to you. This update is very big for our team and will boost the development of new key features! We would be glad to hear your feedback on this release.

Here’s the list of all changes


  • Improve ReachView 2 performance:
    • Now the ReachView 2 main page loads faster
    • Wi-Fi information loading speed up
    • Improved performance of Logging Tab
  • Improve LoRa stability on RS/RS+ and for the external LoRa module.
  • Reduce charge current in case of overheat on Reach RS2
  • Enable the searching LED indication even in the night mode
  • Send to NTRIP caster meta-information when running a Correction Output as an NTRIP Server
  • Change default RINEX logs name with device name and updated extensions for RINEX logs to conform standards RINEX < 3.02
  • Improve RTK performance in case of changing the correction input source on multi-band receivers (Reach M2, Reach RS2)
  • Send position output even before SINGLE status

The interface of the logging tab has been significantly updated:

Logging settings are moved from the Settings tab under the gear on the Logging tab

Advanced Edit mode. What’s new:

  • Button to delete all logs
  • Delete logs for a day
  • Button to confirm deleting. Logs will only be deleted if you confirm.


  • Fix rare issues with time synchronization
  • Fix misbehavior in deleting Bluetooth paired devices
  • Fix representation of AR ratio on Survey tab for single-band receivers
  • Fix some errors with enabling mobile data on Reach RS2
  • Fix Modem PIN panel rendering if the PIN-code modal window is skipped
  • Update behavior of the bottom connector
    • Add a deadband 10s to shutdown on wall unplug feature
    • Device can turn on via the external 9-pin bottom connector even if the battery is discharged
  • Some issues with LED statuses and notifications
  • Optimize charging algorithm on RS2
  • Fix reversed camera trigger polarity for Reach Module/M+/M2
  • Some issues with toggle misbehavior on the Logging Tab
  • Reduce the rate of NMEA GGA that is sent to the VRS
  • Fix rare case of sudden RTK Setting reset to the default values
  • Fix false SBAS cycle slips during RTCM3 1107 to RINEX conversion (single-band devices)
  • Various stability improvements

This release is available for all devices.

Update 21.01.2021



  • Configurable NMEA position output

You will be allowed to select a Talker ID and the desired set of messages, as well as their frequency.

Select the NMEA output on Position Output tab

Configure NMEA output

  • Improve Wi-Fi stability on network initialization
  • Add antenna and receiver header fields for RINEX for ReachRS2, so our RINEX logs can be imported without any changes into AUSPOS and NRCAN


  • Issues with getting a FIX over LoRa solution when Reach RS2 is used as base
  • Incorrect status of stream on Correction input and Position output tabs
  • Some cases when RS2 can stuck in loading
  • Increasing age of differential value without corrections on startup of the ReachView app.
  • Display of outdated base satellites data when the connection with Correction Input source is lost
  • Missing RTCM3 MT1097 and MT1127 messages on single-band devices
  • The output of null LLH/XYZ/ENU solutions, now only NMEA and ERB solutions are output before SINGLE status
  • Missing GLONASS carrier phase information in RINEX logs collected from a base
  • Compressing big log files (over 2GB)

Update 18.02.2021

26 Beta 1

This is the first release that adopts new naming and versioning schemes that make a clear cut between the device firmware and the ReachView 3 mobile app.


  • Fix rare cases with position output from two sources
  • Fix an issue that in rare circumstances would lead RS+/RS2 to a reboot instead of it being shut down
  • Improve correction input cancel button behavior.
    • When NTRIP correction input source was selected and you would click on the “Cancel” button, the latter action could have been ignored.
  • Fix rare issues with RINEX log disappearing
  • Fix disappearing RTCM3 messages counter when corrections are coming


  • Support new RTCM3 (1004, 1008, 1012, 1033) messages for multi-band devices in Base mode tab

    You can now select those legacy RTCM messages that are needed for some integration scenarios.

  • Improve multi-band devices stability

  • New Updater interface

  • Support new versioning

  • New notification when RTCM3 update rate > RTK update rate

  • Remove output power slider for LoRa at Correction Input tab

  • Support 4800 baud rate for serial output on RS/RS+/RS2 devices

  • Full System Report name generation rework

    • Full System Report filenames now have different names to help you distinguish one from another. The pattern is as follows: <Reach Name>_<Device type>_<Date>
  • Add new About block with S/N of the device on the Settings Tab

Update 22.03.2021

26 Beta 2


  • Fix PDOP display for SINGLE solutions on single-band devices
  • Fix some cellular connectivity issues
  • Allow setting 0.1 Hz rate for 1008, 1033 RTCM3 messages. The default rate for these messages is changed to 0.1Hz as well
  • Do not show the baseline when no solution
  • Fix misbehavior of toggles on the Modem tab
  • Misleading checkbox select in the Privacy Policy agreement modal on opening the privacy policy link
  • Allow selecting the 4800 baud rate for serial output on RS/RS+/RS2 devices


  • Improve quality of RTCM 3.1 messages on multi-band devices
  • All log files generated on the receivers from Logging tab follow the same naming pattern: <Reach_Name>-<Log_Type><Log_Date><…>.<Log_Extension>
  • Change default LoRa air data rates to more reliable
    • Please note, LoRa air data rate for RS2 will be automatically updated to match the current RTCM3 messages configuration to provide more reliable corrections streaming. If you have a custom setting for the LoRa air data rate, please, check LoRa settings after the update.
  • New RTCM3 defaults for single-band devices
  • Update description for setting known as “Public Access”. Now it’s called “Secure access to Reach” with a clear description


  • Logging tab for raw RINEX logs now will contain new settings:
    • Logging interval: Full rate (equal to RTK rate), 1s, 5s, 30s
    • GNSS satellite systems selection table, where you can specify satellite systems
    • Pole height, which will be automatically taken into account by our logging system for more accurate logs
    • Marker name
  • Add an Autostart feature for each log. If this setting is enabled, log recording will start when the receiver is turned on regardless of the log state before the shutdown

Best regards,
Emlid team


Thank you for this update. This is the function i was waiting for most. It makes post-processing much easier.


Thank you very much Emlid team. I can’t wait to update


Just a suggestion, why not name the app and firmware with different names? Maybe the app is Reachview and the fw is RSWare or M2Ware or PlusWare or MWare. So users will know that a new release is for the controller or for the units.


I only have version 2.24.2 available.

my current version is 2.24.0 and I can’t update it properly because I get an error. I could only do it by flashing

Could you please try either of these methods to update to v2.24.2.

Then try enabling the dev update from there. It should help.

I have used this option to update the RS2 and M2: <reach_ip>: 5000

This is definitely coming. We didn’t want to rush this until ReachView 3 reached a stable release.

any idea how much time for this update ?

The updater pass the Test WIFI Time sync but now is running reachview update

I have been trying to update t 2.25.1
The update started on 2 occasions and downloaded the firmware. But after rebooting the reachview app still shows 2.24

The other thing is that it is really difficult to connect both to the wifi with the recievers as well as to the smartphone. Can someone please assist me on that. I did update my firmware to 2.24 earlier last week on my own. Am using Reach RS+ receivers

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Finally updated one receiver by switching off the receiver after the installation instead of rebooting from the app on the smartphone. Don’t know if that was just coincidental.

ONE more problem. My other receiver has all 3 lights flushing for almost an hour now and am failing to switch it off!

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3 reports on this firmware:

  • Not always connecting to wifi. On the previous firmware the RS2 would connect in 99.9% of startups, but with 2.25.1 this seems to be lower than 50% on first startup. Upon hard restart of the unit it always connects to the wifi. Happens on all my 4 units.
  • The ID-blink does not blink when commandeered the first time. After 1-2 attempts, it does blink. If I then wait 20-30 minutes, it will have the same symptom again.
  • Sometimes, I get a blank dark-blue screen when entering into RV2 from the app. Just sits there. Restart of the unit seems to be only remedy.

Hi, Christian!

Could you please generate a Full System Report on two units from v2.25.1-dev and share them with me in PM for a closer look?

After they fail to connect?

If it’s possible, yes


Good to know you managed to update your receivers!

Let’s continue the troubleshooting of this issue in this thread to avoid doubling.

Hi Francesco,

Please check your Wi-Fi connection. You can try moving your receiver closer to the router. If that doesn’t solve the issue, please, check the updating process with another Wi-Fi network.

Already updated to 2.25.1 dev and I got this problems:

  • Blank dark-blue screen when entering into ReachView 2 , tryed to reboot but nothing happens, I have to open reachview 3 and then thru that app I’m able to use reachview 2.
    -I was not able to get Fixed connection after the firmware update, neither RTK using LoRa and NTRIP (emlid caster & youcors servers).
    -I’m currently flashing my base and rover back to 2.24.2 Hoping this will solve these two problems, !!!

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reporting this!

We’ll try to reproduce that.

We’ve been already working on the fix for this behavior and will release it in one of the nearest firmware updates.

I also get this a lot!