Rs2 float issue

Is anyone having any problems with not getting a fixed solution? Base and rover both in wide open area less than 200’ apart. Could this be a frequency Issue? Any help would be great. Using 9.02mhz

What firmware are you running?
Are you receiving corrections?
Can you post a screenshot from your rover?

Running the most current. 2.25. Here’s a screenshot from the old app

Update to .2, and the problem should be gone.

Will try that later and let you know

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como lo actualizo, tengo mismo problema y tengo actualizacion 2.25

Hi Greg,

As Christian suggested, please, update your receiver to the v2.25.2 firmware version. We’ve fixed the issue with getting the Fix solution there. You can find the changelog of the version in this community forum thread.

Hi Rinaldy,

Please, make sure both your base and rover are running on the v2.25.2 firmware version. If you still face the issues with Fix solution, please, conduct the following test:

  • place both base and rover according to the Placement guide
  • establish the RTK link via LoRa
  • record the raw data log, position log and base correction log on the rover for at least 15 minutes
  • record the raw data log on the base as well

Please send the logs to me. This will help us to see what could be the reason for such behavior.

Also, please note that the public section of this forum is in English. Next time, please, use English so that everyone can understand you :slightly_smiling_face:

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