RS2 Base - Trimble and Topcon rover compatibility and MT 1007/1008

Thanks that would be very useful. Am assuming the MT’s are pre-existing within the Ublox standard config and/or RTKlib and its a relatively straightforward coding exercise to present them as options within the ReachView GUI.


Hi Christoph,

As @DirtyHarry said, it won’t be possible to use RS+ base with multi-frequency rover as RS+ can provide L1 corrections only.


If it works, i’m using a spectra sp80 as base and works perfectly with the rs2.

Hi - Have you tried the reverse Edgar? That is RS2 as a base and SP80 as a rover - does that work OK?


I have not tried but when I have the equipment available I will try it.

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Yesterday I try it, Rs2 as base and spectra sp80 as Rover with ntrip.

All works very well.



Thanks Edgar. Quite Interesting that it worked, as Spectra is basically a Trimble receiver.

I tried with a Trimble agricultural receiver AG372/AG382 (the latter only sold to AGCO but I digress) supposedly running current firmware and it only likes MSM7 messages from the base not the MSM4 messages delivered by the RS2.

Your Spectra 80 is obviously very happy to accept MSM4 corrections. Well done!

Any update to adding 1007/1008 rtcm3 messages so we could use the rs2 with trimbles.

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Waiting on this also

In the meantime, there are no updates on this. We will add the new messages once we see the opportunity :slight_smile:

Ntrip ??

Hello to all,
my name is Mario from Cagliari (Italy) and i speak english very badly :slight_smile:
Has anyone done any interoperability testing yet with their RS2 as a base and “Geomax Zenith 35 Pro” rover receivers?

Grazie, Mario from Italy

Hi Mario,
I believe that the Zenith 35 Pro works on another frequency range, 430-450 MHz, so it would take an external radio to communicate the Geomax with RS2

Mario could always try and use NTRIP via the GSM/GPRS modem onboard the Zenith. He would need configure sending corrections from the RS2 base out via a caster, to stream to the Zenith. Something like SNIP (basic/free) would be fine.

The two receivers definitely couldn’t use their local UHF and LoRa radios to communicate natively. I’d hope that was fairly obvious as LoRA and UHF are chalk and cheese compatibility wise.

Yes, I checked out my UHF radio, it’s just like you say, unfortunately :frowning:
–> radio UHF 500 mW, 1000 mW trasmettitore, 403 – 473 MHz <–
Too bad, I would have liked to buy an RS2 base

Thanks for the reply

hi Harry, I don’t know the procedures you suggest, I’m trying to see online but I have some problems with the translations :-).
I don’t understand if the base-rover connection, that you say, can take place directly through the GSM / GPRS cards directly between the two GNSS?
Without connecting to the telephone provider?
It would be fantastic, but too difficult for me, :slight_smile:
My problem is the lack of the NRTK (SmartNet) correction in the places where the telephone signal does not arrive :frowning:
Thank you for your answer, I continue to follow you and I try to study to better understand “SNIP”. Thank you
Ps, sorry for my english, I hope you understand.

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Hey there,

Let me give some good news here! New Reach Firmware 26 Beta 1 version now allows you to output the following older RTCM3 messages from your Reach receivers so that you can easily integrate them into your setup:

  • 1004
  • 1008
  • 1012
  • 1033

More details on various fixes and improvements of the latest dev version 26 Beta 1 can be found in this community forum thread. Please create a new thread to share your experience of working with it!

Meanwhile, I’d point out that this is a Beta release. The main purpose of such releases is to provide early access to the new features. We don’t recommend working with it while doing some important surveying jobs.