RS2 base and rover losing fix/ stuck in float

Please remember that this is Development-firmware, so 2.25.1 is essentially a public beta to help out Emlid. As such, if you have a big job with no margin for error, running a beta in a production-encironment is not something that anyone would encourage.

I currently only see 2 options: downgrade to latest 2.24 or post-process data from 2.25.1, if you can live without RTK.


How i do it? Downgrade

Here’s the guide: Firmware reflashing | Reach RS2/RS2+

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Thank you

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the data!

I’ve just noticed you shared Simple system reports from the units. If you’re still on v2.25.1, may I ask you to generate Full system reports and send them in? You can either PM me or email us at

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Hi @abeerquddus, @mai, @correiorcs,

Do I get correctly that you have the same setup: 2 Reach RS2 connected via LoRa?

Replied in your PM. Thanks


I’ve received the reports, thanks!

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Hi there,

Thank you all for sharing the logs and reports! It seems that we’ve collected enough data for now. Also, we were able to reproduce this behavior with our devices.

We’re looking into it, but the investigation may take us a while. If you need to get back to work as soon as possible, you can reflash your devices to v2.24.2 using this guide. We’ve just checked it: everything should work fine.

I’ll get back to you once there is any news.


Happy to help as always! Hope to see it solved soon!


We have reverted all sets to version 2.24.2. All are working fine at present

Hi All ,

We are reporting a similar problem with 2.25.1

we did have it working for one set (base and rover on 2.25.1) but did not have any luck with another set.

Hi @esa.attia,

We’re working on the solution now. I’ll post an update here once we have any results. In the meantime, I’d suggest reflashing back to v2.24.2. You can this guide to accomplish it.

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Hi there,

I have some good news. We’ve just released dev v2.25.2, which should fix the issues you’ve faced.

I’d be happy if you let me know about the results of your new tests :slightly_smiling_face:


Working fine in new version. Many thanks for your support.


One was 2.25.1(Dev) and the other was 2.24.2(stable). what i found that, if base is launched in 2.24.2, the other 2.25.1 can get fix but if base launched by 2.25.1, then it hardly gets fix in 2.24.1.
Any ways, we already reverted all my six Rs2 to 2.24.2 stable version and now all are working properly.

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Hi @abeerquddus,

This issue is already fixed in v2.25.2. So, if you’d like to work on dev branch, you can update your receivers.


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@richie1aubyn Hi Richard kindly provide me your number i am from Ghana and would like to ask you few questions about the RS2 before i purchase. Thank you in advance hoping to hear from you soon

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