ReachView v2.24.2 with ReachView 3 Beta support is out

We are glad to release an updated stable ReachView v2.24! This is the first stable release that supports ReachView 3 Beta. We’ve made some key stability improvements that provide more robust behavior when saving collected points as well as reducing the time to fix on RS+ compared to the older firmware versions.

Here is the whole list of improvements and fixes you can find in this release.


  • Allow using special characters like “/” in the NTRIP credentials
  • Add the recovery for surveying projects
  • Add Privacy Policy agreement
  • Deprecate Bluetooth scanning initiated on the device
  • Support shutdown on the bottom connector on RS+
  • Add the ability to access from public IP
  • Drop RTCM2 support in Correction Input and Position Output tabs
  • Add shutdown indication when in night mode
  • RTK performance improvements
  • Restart RTK engine if the correction input was updated (available on all L1 devices)


  • Fix the issue when the position might get lost when the mobile data is lost
  • Allow setting up the output rate to 0.1 Hz only for 1006 RTCM3 message
  • Eliminate some rare hotspot drops when a SIM card is inserted
  • Get sound notifications on volume change back
  • Fix ‘Send NMEA’ checkbox glitch
  • Fix some Bluetooth related issues on device loading
  • Fix hiding manual mode when the base coordinates are received
  • Fix selected logs removal when leaving the Logging tab
  • Fix incorrectly processed antenna height from some NTRIP providers
  • Fix status tab units formatting
  • Fix LoRa constraints for Thailand and Indonesia
  • Fix misbehavior with the toggle on the Bluetooth tab
  • Fix caching survey projects and logs with the same name
  • Fix the “unsaved” label on the RTK Settings tab

This release is available for all devices.

Update 24.11.2020



  • Some NTRIP casters send legacy RTCM messages that are now correctly handled on Reach RS2
  • Some of our users reported the issues with having their Reach advertise itself as linux.local rather <reach>.local. This issue is now gone.
  • Loosen LoRa frequency restrictions in Malaysia
  • Fix NTRIP mount point list disappearing after refreshing the ReachView page.


  • Improve the look and feel of web-based tabs in ReachView3
  • Support for USB-Ethernet adapters including ASIX AX88xxx on Reach RS2 and Reach M2

Update 24.11.2020



  • Fix ‘Update ReachView’ button’s behavior that redirected to a service page

Unfortunately, the ‘Update ReachView’ button redirects to the service page when you try to update from v2.24.0. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please use one of the following ways to update the firmware:

  • Clicking on the update notification in the Status Tab
  • <reach_ip>:5000 to update - that is, update directly via Updater page
  • Download the v2.24.2 image and install it via Reach Firmware Flash Tool.

Is there a explanation on how this works?


I am guessing and crossing my fingers he means :crossed_fingers:

Getting a static ip sim card, putting it in the RS2 base, setting corrections port.

Entering that ip in the corrections area of the rs2 rover with the generic sim card.

Receiving RTCM3 over tcp!!!

Or putting an M2 behind a wifi cell modem with a static ip. Setting the base corrections port. And ending up with the same very useful result.

Or he could mean almost the same thing but entering :8080 and being able to access
The emlid page behind the static ip modem

Clarification needed but all very exciting.

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@PotatoFarmer I tested the feature in the dev version and I use it actually to enter the receiver’s web interface remotely.


Very handy especially if running a permanent cellular base.

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Totally. Just be aware that currently there is no authentication required so anybody could connect to the IP.

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Handy, but dangerous, I hope the remote access can be disabled. IMHO: this is a dangerous feature, anyone can access the device, probably find some saved credentials, break your station, or consume huge amount of mobile data traffic, shutdown, reboot, …
Just my 2 cents.

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What about trying out the update before posting? :wink: Emlid got you covered:


Well… update is running, but I still wanted to share my opinion, it’s up to the user if it’s worth the risk of external manipulation.

If you put it behind a modem with a firewall you are pretty safe, also picking the access port would be slick.

It all depends how long you are open to the public ip, and how critical it is to be uninterrupted.

In Canada you cannot get a ping off a static sim. You need to know exactly where you are headed behind the modem. Using :80 :8080 with no password to login is still not to bright.

Hows the tree topper project going?


I updated my two rs+ units last night and went to work this morning. In survey mode the R ratio seems to be drastically higher than I remember…999 if I had line of sight from about 100m away.

What does the reachview 3 support mean? I’ve always used the web interface. Does this mean I’ll be able to save locally on a device rather than via the web then download? (p.s. If anyone knows of a postgres friendly app that allows me to save straight to the databaseB I’d appreciate it…raw data is getting lost on personal devices)

Can you quantify what is meant by “RTK performance improvements”? Does that mean an increase in position measurement accuracy and/or precision, or instead does it refer to a decrease in time required to calculate a solution?

I hope it’s not TOO different, I literally just started feeling like a big boy user with the version I’ve got!


Hi Kristofor,

Yes, ReachView 3 saves all the survey projects directly on your phone/tablet so you can access them anytime without the receiver.

It also provides multiple coordinate systems support: not only WGS84 as it was with ReachView 2.

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Hi Pete,

It just means that Reach works way more stable in terms of getting and holding a fixed solution.


I am yet to acquire my RS 2 & actually try the new app by next week.

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Hello, I updated the M2 units to version 2.24.

After updating in the tab,

correction input> ntrip> mount point

the list of available mount points no longer appears, that is, it is only operating when the point is typed and no longer as previously by list and typing.

I would like to know if there is a tab to select the list or should I downgrade to the previous version?

Best Regards,

Does v2.24 solve the issue of NMEA msgs not being sent when there is no GPS fix ?

We noticed this on the M2 units …not sure about the RS2 I’ll have to check

Hi @m.rocha,

We’ll check this behavior.

In the meantime, I’d suggest using ReachView 3. It should work fine with the latest stable v2.24.

Hi @esa.attia,

We haven’t faced any issues with the NMEA stream before. However, Reach should have at least Single solution status to output something. Could you elaborate on your setup? Do you try to output the position from Reach to PC?

That’s what I am trying to do. I wanted to test the usb to pc output, but I am still waiting to receive my antennas.