ReachView v2.18.1

Hey everyone!

We’ve just released v2.18.0 for all receivers through the stable release channel. This is a bug fix release preparing the platform for the upcoming Reach RS2 and fixing tons of older issues.


  • Fixed “LoRa is not connected” message popping up on some RS and RS+ receivers
  • Fixed Android scanner app not being able to download logs, projects or project templates. Please note that you need to update both the app in the play market and your Reach for the fix to work. Importing projects still causes trouble, so please do that through a browser.
  • iOS scanner app has been updated to properly support X* iPhones
  • LoRa radios now supports complex constraints with several ranges. Russia is added to the list of countries with frequency range limitations
  • Fixed a small bug with project list’s dropdown menus getting stuck in some cases.
  • Fixed the Wi-Fi not seeing channels 12-14, which resulted in Wi-Fi networks not being seen from time to time
  • Fixed jumping correction input tab
  • Pop-up menus behavior is more consistent
  • A bug where RTCM transmission over Bluetooth would sometimes abruptly stop has been fixed. This fixes the connection to both SurvCE and Android collectors
  • Bluetooth name change will be applied immediately, not after a reboot
  • Red Power LED now works as expected on RS+

We hope these small improvements will make your experience with Reach much more pleasant!

Best regards,
Emlid team

Update 27.06.2019

v2.18.1 fixes:


Is there a way to manually backup or download v2.16.2 STABLE before upgrading to v2.18.0 just in case of problems and need to revert to PRIOR STABLE version?

EDIT: Never mind, I see it here for a REFLASH:

EDIT2: Watch out! It’s not as easy and straightforward going back! : (


The old links should work for quite some time, we don’t usually delete previous builds.


thank you Egor… you guys really are great! All of your HARD WORK is GREATLY appreciated more than you know!


@egor.fedorov hello Egor ! 2.18.0 dev or Stable?


Hope this stable release helps you with some of your prior difficulties. ; ) (you can be the official Emlid designated Guinea pig!) : )

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Ha sorry !!!

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Emlid rocks! I second @timd1971 your hard work is truly appreciated! I will start updating my units (two reach rs+ and two reach m+ :grin:) They do not have names yet…


Name suggestions? These Jack "A"s?

Joe, Sal, Q & MURR? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ll report back after the updates… :joy:

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@andrew.yushkevich @tatiana.andreeva @egor.fedorov
Congratulations EMLID the application is incredible, in NTRIP in 10 seconds fixed without problem, I see that now in ANDROID devices when deploying the keyboard the function to record is up and you do not have to close the keyboard.
congratulations and more congratulations


I have done a dozen comparative tests 2.16.2 and 2.18.0 and I confirm that the problem that I reported in versions 2.17.x DEV was resolved.
The test was carried out by two receivers, thanks to which the results can be compared under the same external conditions in different locations.


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I have a (bvery old) ReachRS which is not updating to v2.18.1, but stays at v2.18.0
Is this the expected behavior?

And more generally: what’s the future plan on different version for RS and RS2? Will RS only be updated as soon as new features relevant to both devices are added?

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