Rndis RV v2.18

After flashing updating to 2.18.0, rndis didn’t work when I connected from Linux. When I reverted to 2.16.2 by flashing the firmware, it works as expected.

Can you describe your actions, please?

With version 2.16.2, the network interfaces showed up automatically when I plugged the USB into a laptop running Ubuntu 18.04. I was able to ping and ssh to without a problem. After updating with the OTA 2.18.0 release and rebooting the Edison, I was no longer able to see the network interfaces and could not ping I reflashed the firmware from Ubuntu using 2.16.2 and the network interfaces appeared again.

Rob, do you have RS or original Reach?

I believe its the original Reach with the Edison. Its probably two years old.

Thanks for the clarification, @rrr6399.
I’ll try to reproduce the issue and let you know about the result.

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