DIY portable hotspot & HOWTO send correction through free ntrip to LTE hotspot

Just tested this with free ntrip service

Sendt corretion signals from base connected to local wifi, over internet (fiber) to, this is broadcasting and sending to my portale LTE 4g router with wifi LAN and rover connected set up to receive correction data.
I can see correction data coming through as shown below. Really cool :grinning:
Anybody els got this up and running?

Btw! Both units is inside the house.

Was thinking of making a video of this, anybody know of a tool that easilycan scramble sensitiv info on screen?

Link How to set up ntrip with rtk2go


This is awesome! I would love to see a step by step of how you did this!


This step by step guide explain how to set up one Reach unit as base providing a second Reach unit as rover with free open ntrip correction data from one point to another over internet. This way is not secure and your server will be open for others to see.

This guide assume basic knownledge about Reach and how to navigate and configurate it.
If not, start here

For this guide i used:
2 x Reach units with stock antenna and beta firmware 2.1.6
1 x LTE portable router with sim card (see pictures above) Spec
1 x Local wifi ( i used my own wifi at home with internet connection)
1 x computer to work from (phone/tablet is possible but pc is much easier and faster to work with)
and access to webpage

Note. Both Reach units is placed indoor, that explains the poor signal

Set up wifi so that both Reach units can connect to it. I have one wifi called dd-wrt and the other called RTK.
For this purpose dd-wrt acts as my home wifi connected to internet via local fiber and RTK is my portable wifi and connected to internet via LTE (router with 4g sim card in it). It should be possible to use phone as hotspot as well
I also saved both wifi points to both Reach units. From Reach menu its easy to select which unit should connect to wifi.
Now, connect one Reach unit to each of your wifi networks.

Start with the base and open base mode window. See picture below. Info used here you can find at rtk2go webpage, password might change but for now it is BETATEST. Montpoint to could choose your self.

Next, config the Reach as rover.
Username is the same as mountpoint. When you select mountpoint a drop down menu is visible and if the base is configurated correct, it will show up here. If not, you dont have set the base right and correction data is not beeing sent to
Once all info is typed in and setting applied,you will se correction data showing up at the bottom of this menu.

If everything work you should see correction data beeing applied in the status page.

That is pretty much it. Good luck!


Cool, I want to try it soon. But, now I use free access to a caster by someone in this group.

Awesome right up! Exactly what I need! Do I have to use that tp-link router or can I use a regular router on repeater mode (since we have 4g lte hotspots)?

Yes, basically. Just make sure your signals get forwarded with out to much loss.

Are you talking about port forwarding ?

Not necessarily. Package loss comes to mind. It all depends on your gear. Old gear (router) could be a pain in the xxx.

My reach App interface looks totally different. What software is this?

This is Reachview Beta version 2.1.6

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Cool, I assume Reach has to be reflashed with this, but where do I dl the ReachView from?

If you start with beta version 2.1.5 and after complete install you can update under the settings menu.

And here is the basics of flashing new firmware

I tried using last night instead of my own ntrip caster. Worked great! Extremely simple to set up. Thanks for the tip!

Thank you so much , i was looking for something like that for my work, I’ll try it soon.
I don’t have a LTE router, do you think a share connection from cell phone work?

Anyway i’ll try and post my results ! thank ! :slight_smile:

BTW seems to not work properly. does someone can reach ( :slight_smile: ) the website?

Can’t seem to get this running even with the help of your step by step guide :frowning:

Base config:

Rover config:

For some reason the rover is just stuck on “connecting”, regardless of what I set mountpoint/password to (atm it’s meandow/BETATEST).

They’re both on the same WIFI as my computer and the connection to rtk2go works fine on here. Any ideas on what it could be?


Other then mount point is not filled, i know there could be some hassel to add credentials in the right order.
I hade some issues if adress was filled in before the mountpoint or the other way…
But you should get a dropdown menu when is filled first, and then be able to select your point.

Tried adding only address and port but still no dropdown (on the module that was configured as base). Am I supposed to enter “BETATEST” as password? Can’t seem to save it without a username though.

Dropdown happens on the rover.
BETATEST is the word yes
Username is the same as mountpoint