ReachView beta v2.1.6 is out!

Hey, everyone!

After a short break, we are back with new features and fixes:

New features

  • RCH-16 RCH-341 RCH-460 Added a special camera tab. Shows the time of the last received time mark and allows to setup Reach to trigger the camera automatically

  • RCH-430 Added a button to delete logs from a whole day

  • RCH-441 Automatically retrieve mountpoints available on an NTRIP service. Just enter the address and the port and the mountpoint text field will turn into a neat selector. If Reach has a single solution, it will even select the nearest available base station

  • RCH-403 RCH-426 RCH-456 The solution log now has a selector, which lets you choose log format.


  • RCH-418 Added units for the max acceleration settings
  • RCH-433 Logging page reapplies logging settings


We have updated our post-processing tutorial. It now has better screenshots and is much easier to read. It also includes a guide on using RTKCONV, required by these beta releases. Big thanks to @andrew.yushkevich for this!

More updates coming, stay tuned!

Best regards,
Emlid team


Smooth update. 5 minutes for each from power on. Includes connecting to Cellphone…

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Thanks Egor for the Christmas gift! Happy Holidays for you Guys also!

Can you elaborate on the camera triggering feature, how to connect - i.e. which pins, is it direct triggering or via some of the PWM based triggering cables?


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Merry Christmas for all off you!

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So easy to update awsome work guys.

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Nice Christmas present, thank you!
Will there be an option for distance triggering the camera? Maybe combined with a 3d geofence (start trigering at a certain height above ground?) or the possibility react on camera trigger signals from arducopter or even load the mission file from arducopter?

Happy holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!

@vbnhu The triggering feature runs on the GPIO183, it is just a digital pin output. On the diagram pin is marked as PWM, however we do not use PWM functionality of it.

@tobias-dahms It is best if the autopilot is triggering the camera and Reach is catching the events from the hotshoe. We are providing this feature for those who do not have camera triggering supported in the autopilot.


@igor.vereninov you are right, anything else is quatsch/nonsense :wink:

Smooth running update, had to clear browser cach in iOS.

Is there, then, a simple way to add a manual trigger to trigger events on the ground? I.e. a cable and button to record points while the reach is on a pole on the ground? I realize you can do this in a tablet via bluetooth, but I’d be interested in playing with the simplest possible way to record points on the ground.

Do you know why I cannot select solution format?

Its not been made as an option yet. If i understand correct.

You only need to connect two cables time mark->ground, that’s it. Use a push button or something alike.

Nice Update, everything works great!

Unlike to the other beta versions before my base doesn’t get out of the single solution status. Can anybody confirm that?

Are you sure that you’ve done update?
I can see there’s no camera icon on the left.

You can’t get out of the single solution because there’s no corrections from your base.

Just wanted to confirm that the missing solution log format picker is a bug that we are currently tracing down.

Good catch @andrew.yushkevich actually it update but I didn’t reload the ReachView interface so it just kept working with the 2.1.5 interface.

But even with a full restart of both units I can’t get a fix on my base unit. The base doesn’t even switch into the float status.

@egor.fedorov There seems to be a bug when the window width has a size of ~787px. When I toggle the menu the map proportions doesn’t get an update. The result is that the map gets distorted.

As I mentioned, you can’t get out of the single solution because there’s no corrections.

What do you mean by “map gets distorted”?
I can see on your screenshot normal map view.

Hi, i need to get bearing from reach, there is no heading value in nmea GPRMC given by reach, what can i do? I have implemented a method caclculating by using actual postion and old position, but is to inaccurate

I also was wondering about my screenshot the next day :wink: Unfortunately I have no time for testing right now, I’ll check it next week again.

By the way, happy new year everybody!