Beta v4 image with ROS and Wi-Fi Broadcast support for Navio boards

Hello there!

We’re excited to share with you the fourth iteration of Navio Beta image which includes minor bug fixes that were revealed during beta-testing. This is intended to be a last beta. We need some time to call it a stable, but either way we expect it be released without any further modifications.

You can look into threads dedicated to previous betas (v1, v2 and v3) and changeslogs in order to clear up some misunderstandings.

The documentation for this release is available over here

They contain entries on ROS and Wi-Fi broadcast which will help get you started with your new exciting projects.

why not update this new beta with the old one on navio2 docs page:

Hi Jason,
The link you’ve left is for documentation of current stable release. That’s why there’s a link to latest stable there.

Beta and its docs differ from it. It is the reason why we provide link to beta docs in this thread. Updating the link to beta on the current docs page will be misleading, but we will update everything as soon as we roll out new stable release.

Guys, we wanted to let everybody know that the current Stable release is out. It supports all new features from the Beta. Please, check it out!