How to improve the range of the FPV

Hey! So I already have gstreamer working on windows with the navio2 and the pi camera, but this is only on my lab on a short distance. My question is, how do you guys usually do to get the fpv image of the drone when flying? What do you usually use to expand the range of the wifi? Or is it any other mode that you guys use to send the data? As far as I know uart is only used for telemetry, dont think it can send images, but if anybody had an experience with that please let me know.

Take a look at the latest beta that has WBC support incorporated.

25mW 5,8Ghz tx on my plane with diversity rx. Tested this to 1km range in los.
Correct setup of antenna and you can improve your range dramatically

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You will need a good USB WiFi adapter. Hard to recommend any specific model. We use TP link T2U but you have to compile driver. It works for us for now but is not what I would consider a pro solution. We also use 802.11a only. 5.8GHz so we can stay away from RC at 2.4.

You can use the antennas from the FPV community for 5.8 WiFi . Circular polarized to help with multi path. A spironet or similar on the robot and a patch on the ground side. On the ground side radio you can use something like a ubiquiti or mikrotik AP. Just watch the connector types. RP SMA is WiFi standard and SMA tends to be analog video standard. Adapters are easy to come by and come with some antennas.

All takes a little patience and testing but you should end up with ability to go out to legal visual limits. It is not going to get you the same distance as analogue video. But it is secure and a well supported standard with ability to stream telemetry. We do not use WIFi broadcast as we do not need that low of latency in the video and would rather have a bidirectional data stream.