Emlid Raspbian Distro Update?

@george.staroselskiy Can we get an update on the status of the Emlid distro please?

In the middle of a project and it is a bit disturbing when the distro I am testing gets pulled with no explanation.

It would also help to have a changelog for things like RCIO being updated when doing a dist-upgrade so we can better help test these changes.


@coby the distro is really close, we only need to finish a couple of minor things and do the flight tests. ETA is next week.

I removed the link to beta from the docs so that people won’t have to reinstall everything right after setting it up. But it’s still here is somebody needs it:

I promise that we will arrange a better release / changelog system after this release.

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Thanks @mikhail.avkhimenia - I think all of you have figured out by now that I will be one of your problem customers. I do systems integration for a living so have plenty of time to be on your forum making trouble. I look forward to next release.

Will this be a Beta, RC or Stable? And are you going to bring ArduCopter up to 3.5-rc1?

@coby if that trouble would lead us to making a better product then we are more than happy to have such a customer :slight_smile:

Next release should be Stable. Regarding the ArduCopter 3.5rc1 - we will wait until the stable version is released and will give users a simple way to install it. Meanwhile it would be possibly to install a binary manually.

All great to know. I am not really interested in 3.5 for our current customers until the dual GPS issue(s) is/are in and tested. I’ll mark this solved and move that conversation back to the dual GPS thread I created.