NAVIO 2 compatibility with matlab/simulink?

I just got a NAVIO 2 autopilot to run with my raspberry pi 3 but I cannot seem to find any information whatsoever about how to use matlab and/or simulink to extract the force and moment values from the NAVIO 2. Does anyone know if you can even use matlab/simulink with the NAVIO 2 and if so where I can learn more about this?

Could you be more specific what is that you’re trying to achieve? If you want to simulate stuff I suggest taking a look at ArduPilot SITL. If you want to get real data take a look at our latest beta with ROS.

Yes of course. I want to use the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors from the navio 2 and simply have those six values read as a function of time. I have a 6 DOF simulink model that takes in Fx, Fy, Fz (forces) and Mx, My, Mz (moments) and produces plots of how they are changing with time. So I just want to import these six values into the simulink model and see how they change over time when I move the aircraft. Is this something that can be done in matlab/simulink @george.staroselskiy?