UHF radio transmitter suggestion

I have an RS3 that I use as a rover, usually connecting to NTRIP services.
Sometimes I use a RS2 as a base, and the LoRa radio, but sometimes the range is simply not enough.
I would like to add an external UHF transmitter to the RS2 base, and use the RS3 internal radio on the rover.
I see the spec guidelines, but I would like to know if there are some suggested/tested modules?
Thanks in advance,

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Hi, here are some possible options:




I would second mark1st.john’s suggestion, we did some range testing with these radios as well to give you an idea of the difference from LoRa at the lowest power setting.


Hi Massimo,

I see the guys already shared some recommendations. From my side, I just wanted to attach a post where you can check the requirements for the radio to work in such a setup.

I’d also like to mention the option of a Base shift. It can come in handy when the baseline becomes too large, and therefore, the base must be moved to a closer location. Here’s our guide about it, too.

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