Long Range External UHF 450 MHz Radio Kit Offering

Received an e-mail from E38 Survey Solutions, a reseller of Emlid gear.
They are offering a Long Range External UHF 450 MHz Radio Kit for use with Emlid Reach RS2+ and Emlid Reach R3. Seems like it should also work with the RS2 receiver as well I would think. I know in the past there has been questions regarding external radios for use with the Emlid receivers.

This Kit includes:

  • External UHF Radio and High Gain Antenna
  • Communication Cable for Reach RS2+ or Reach RS3
  • Power cable with alligator clips.
  • Pole tripod and telescoping pole.

450 MHz radios require a radio license in the US
With this external radio kit you can send a powerful 35W transmit power UHF signal out for your Reach RS3 or other compatible rover using TrimTalk protocol.

Also there is another possible external radio solution with this supplier;
I believe there is a guy from Australia that is a user of this radio.


Much obliged for the post. I contacted them asking if it works with the RS2. I will update here if I receive a reply.


Got my response from them super fast:

"You can connect it to an RS2. The RS2 can’t receive the corrections coming from the radio though. You would need to add an 450 MHz external radio on the RS2 in order to receive those corretions.

The RS3 has a built in 450 MHz receive radio. So, you could run the RS2 with external radio as your base, and just the RS3 as a rover."

Seems like an easy way to make an older RS2 provide corrections over Trimtalk to your current non-Emlid antenna in the 400 range. Easier to just buy all Emlid if starting from scratch, but I know some people are mixing and matching like me.


This aussie? :wink:



Thanks Tim for the info, all though I believe it was this guy;

from this discussion;


I am available for any enquiries Re UHF setups. brad.cox@mangoesmapping.com.au


Not quite, it would be me with the SOM kit

We are looking at upgrading our radios to satel to work better with out other kits consisting of leica and carlson units, but they SOM kit has been good value over the years.


Hi @cameron.baker,

We are Satel resellers and have some demo hardware here, if you’re interested in testing it.

Feel free to reach out to @brad.cox if you want to pursue that.

Cheers, Al.

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Hey Cameron,
Feel free to send me your email address so we can communicate directly.
or give me a call.0493437114

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