RTK with a LoRa dongle, Riegl vz2000i scanner and Emlid reach rs2+

Hi, I am seeking some help. I want to use a LoRa dongle to supply a Riegl VZ2000i laser scanner with RTCM data from a reach RS2+ for RTK. The scanner was set up to work with the dongle (a LD-50H (USB-Dongle Tx/Rx sender/receiver LoRaWAN) bought from here). It has a L1 antenna that is used to provide GPS data. I can configure the dongle using the Realterm software (frequency and data rate) in the Most Link mode. When the frequency and then the data rate are set to that of my RS2+ operating as a base station and sending corrections via LoRa I can see that data are being received by the dongle when attached to my laptop (see the attached image). However, when the dongle is attached and set up to receive the corrections via the scanner, while there is indication that the port to the dongle is open, there is no indication that the dongle is receiving the corrections.

I checked the data/messages that should be sent via RTCM and 1006, 1002, 1010 are preferred, but the RS2+ only has RTCM3 and I can only send 1004, 1006 and 1012, which the scanner should accept. I’m not sure if anyone can help on this matter, and I can provide more information if needed.


Hi Kurt,

For single and multi-band devices we have a different set of RTCM messages you can setup in the Emlid Flow:

LoRa radio is only compatible with LoRa on another Reach device. So, the reason for your issue could be that device can receive the corrections but can’t interpret them. Does Riegl support NTRIP? As a workaround you can try to send corrections on the internet using Emlid Caster.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am working in a remote location so NTRIP is not an option as I don’t have mobile/cellular service. Also, the device was set up to receive and interpret corrections from a rs
via the LoRa dongle by the manufacturer (they had a partnership with Emlid (see a here and the attached image).

I am however not seeing 1002 message type option on my RS2+. Can it be added?




In the case you mentioned, Reach RS just outputs an NMEA message to RIEGL using Position streaming. The position could be shared via Serial, TCP, and Bluetooth. Emlid LoRa radio shouldn’t work with LoRa radio by other manufacturers.

Message 1002 supports only L1 observables. This is why we use it for single-band receivers such as RS+ or M+.

Does Riegl support RTCM3 or only RTCM? If it supports RTCM3 and can work with other radios, I can suggest using a third-party radio on RS2+. In that case, you can connect to the radio to Reach using external bottom connector or USB-C port and use it to transmit corrections.

Thanks again for responding. The setup was actually offered by Riegl and I can only assume that it was tested and it was working before it was released. However, a rep that I am in touch with said it was usually difficult to get the dongle set up working but they worked nonetheless. I think the Riegl supports RTCM3, but I’m not sure if it supports other radios. Nevertheless, can you suggest a third party radio that can be used with the reach?



We haven’t tested this setup with this LoRa dongle, but by design, the Emlid LoRa radio can communicate only with another Emlid LoRa radio.

We have tested the following UHF radios: AW435BT and HPT404BT. You can read about it in our post on the forum. It’s a bit old, but the material is still relevant to all our devices.

These are a few posts that may be helpful in choosing the radio:

Let me know if you have any particular radio in mind, and we will look into it.

Thank you for this information. I do not have any radio in mind but this is a useful starting point. Thanks again for your help. I will now try to explore my options.


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