Emlid reach RS+ with external radio in Cambodia


We need more info :fire:


fire you angry me?

No i dont think so.
This is just a hot picture and and hot theme and we are really curious about what setup you have and details about the radio :grinning:


i try to design external radio in my country (Cambodia) for sell to my friend and my customer. the radio i used 35w and the rover 100mw. It work well and can work up to 10km


I agree with @TB_RTK. :fire: is to mean that your radio is something exciting and interesting.

It looks like a very clean installation on the rover.

I see that the rover is only 100mW, which is a very minimal power draw from Reach’s internal battery.

Great job!


Yeah, I guess one could take that as being shish kabobbed?

Thanks you

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Hi Huot.

That’s what I was hoping to complement the Reach rs/rs+ antennas, an external radio accessible to all.
Why not think of an alliance Samnang-Emlid to improve, produce and market this radio.

And once again break the market of “big” brands.

Thanks. I think Emlid can do all by itself but now Emlid do not want to think about radio maybe in the future because Radio is easy way for Emlid

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Hi Huot,

Great work on your tidy solution!

I think you can make a lot of people very happy if you offer this solution as a commercial off-the-shelf product…

If you don’t want to do that, perhaps consider please sharing more information on how you developed this solution so that others can replicate your good work.

Thank you, Al.


I agree, this looks very clean setup, if we can make this off the self, would be very great




Now there’s an antenna! :open_mouth:


Hi Huot, This is continuing to impress me…

Are you planning to release this product for sale internationally? If yes, please advise details.

If not, please confirm components you’re using, so we can replicate in/adapt for Australia…

Thanks, Al

Very nice job!!!

very nice setup ! Lora is a bit weak for some uses.

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Thanks yes I really want to sell international but I do not know how to send

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