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Emlid with big external radio 5W in Cambodia

(Huot Samnang) #1

(Dmitriy Ershov) #2

What radio is that?

(Huot Samnang) #3

This one

(Yasser Arafat Tuanadatu) #4

what is the brand and specs of the 5 w radio?? how long it can transmit and receive??

(Huot Samnang) #5

According to the condition of location but this radio can transmit up to 15km in open space.

(Huot Samnang) #6

It can transmit up to 10km in during i test it

(Timd1971) #7

it’s “brandless”. ; /

Lora6500 MESH SX1278 5W 433mhz 470mhz 150bytes

(Huot Samnang) #8

Brand is not important you can select it which one you like. The important is that how to connect it to the emlid reach RS

(Michael Lambert) #9

Isn’t that UHF?

(Luis Galina) #10


(Michael Lambert) #11

So this isn’t an amplifier for the existing radio, but a whole separate radio running off the Reach brains?

(Ojedajairo) #12

Hi Huot,

And how is the connection? Can you tell us?