ReachView v2.21.1 for Reach RS and Reach RTK

Does this also count for Reach RTK, RS that have been flashed with dev 2.21?

From the link above:

My reasoning for asking was that this first initial post was originally posted for the 2.21 firmware that later came out and was avialable for RS and RTK. Please see below quote

My reason for asking if the 2.21.1 works on reach rtk and rs was due to the fact they just edited a 22 day old post and added an oct 24, 2019 post that does not what so ever speak to the reach rtk and rs systems. the quote you quoted was from 22 days ago when the update to reach rtk and rs wasn’t available I have now upgraded them using the re flash firmware and have brought them to the same version of the rs2. There is no mention on the Oct. 24 2019 update of v2.21.1 not being available to upgrade, good sir do please tell me if I am wrong? Please see quote below.


2.21.1 is also available for Reach RTK and Reach RS. If you flashed your devices with 2.21.0, you can perform OTA update.


Hi Cody,

Sorry for the delayed response!

We’ve analyzed your data, and one of the flasher’s services returns “Access is denied” error.

It seems that you need to change user permissions for the Reach Flasher Manufacturing Tool directory to make it work.

Is there any chance you can try running the Flasher on another PC/laptop?

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