Reach View 2.22.1

Hi all

Today I updated my rs2 to 2.22.1 Version, then Im connecting via NTRIP to my base but the solution was only single, two times by 1 or 2 minutes the solution change to fixed but the rest of the one hour of testing was single.

I test other reach rs2 with 2.22.0 version and it works perfectly in the same time and conditions.

Edgar (2.7 MB)

Here is my full system report

How long did the update take? I sit for 2 hours - only 38 percent.

It was fast, like 5 minutes, the percent bar is not updating anymore and I close the app, reboot the RS2 and then i have update sucessfully.

In the previous version happened me the same.


I try the second time

Happened. I will try tomorrow

Hi Edgar,

Sorry for the delayed response!

We’ve released the new dev v2.23.0 update that fixes some issues with NTRIP connection. May I ask you to check with your NTRIP on it?

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Hi Polina

It works ok now, I think it was more stable on 2.22.0 version, with 2.23 lost the connection more easy but it recover quickly.

Thank you


A little test today I cant connect via NTRIP in places that I get fix in less than 20 seconds with the past version. Try it with two RS2, i attach the full system report.

Thank you

SystemReport (2.7 MB)

Hi polina (2.8 MB) (726.2 KB)

Here are today system reports, one rs2 have an older version and works perfectly via ntrip at 50 cms near to the other rs2 that is not working with 2.23.1 version.


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Hi Edgar,

Thanks for the reports! We’ll look into them.

May I ask you to share the raw data logs from the receivers as well?


It’d also be great if you could share the types of RTCM3 messages that you receive from your NTRIP caster.


We have the NTRIP base in other work and I will have it available on the next week to send to you the reports.


Hi Edgar,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve released v2.23.2 update. It should fix some issues with establishing fix via the NTRIP casters. It’d be cool if you tested it with your units to see if it helps.



I think 2.23.2 is working now to recive NTRIP but i cant make it work to transmit via NTRIP, I try to transmit with an older version in other RS2 and it works and the new version is reciving ok.

Here is the logs of both recivers. (4.3 MB) (6.9 MB)


Hi Edgar,

Thanks for the logs! We’ll look into it.

Do I understand correctly that you use custom NTRIP caster to transmit corrections with Reach RS2?


Soeey for my english. I can transmit vía Ntrip only with the older versión. With the new one I only can recive Ntrip but no transmit.


Hi Edgar,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you!

There is indeed an issue with the transmitting the data via the NTRIP on certain ports. We’ll fix this in the future dev update.

As a temporary workaround, would it be possible to use any port above 3000?