Remote reboot of the units

I have one question on the new firmware:
Starting from the assumption that I got that from Reach View 2.22 the root access is no more given I tried to ssh into my Reach RS device using reach:reach user:password login.
Then I found out that in the new firmware there is no way to use the “reboot” or “shutdown-r” command from remote ssh.

So I have three questions to Emlid developers:

  1. There are alternatives to reboot or shutdown -r for remotely reboot the devices in the new firmware?
  2. Is still possible to use systemd timers and services for scheduled reboot or rsync tasks?
  3. Are older firmware versions available somewhere in order to revert back our devices ?


Hi Marco,

Sorry for the delayed response!

We don’t provide root access anymore. You can check out this Tatiana’s explanation why:

So I’m afraid you can reboot your unit only through the Settings tab in the ReachView app.

There is no supported way to downgrade your firmware version to the previous ones.

We don’t provide root access anymore. You can check out this Tatiana’s explanation why:

Permanent monitoring system: how to schedule solutions sync with a remote server Project share

I’m fully aware of it, I was the one that raised that issue.

That’s unfortunate: we were going to buy a dozen of reach m receivers. But, if you can’t provide us a ReachView old image (2.20) for the “M”, we are going to buy to another brand.

Come on, that’s a strange policy.

Marco, in the future versions of ReachView we’ll have a way to go back to the previous version. It’s just not implemented yet.

Dear Polina and Dmitriy,
Thanks for your replies. Your feedback is really important for us, costumers and users of Emlid’s products.
I’m aware that emlid team is continuously developing and improving your devices and firmwares: we were between the first Reach RS costumers and we have seen your efforts and steps throughout the last years.
That, to say that we really appreciate your work.

Right now, as University that collaborate with Civil Protection, we have a developed a system based on Reach RS and Reach RS+ for permanent monitoring unstable slopes and early warning. Having an history with such devices, we are able to flash the ReachView firmware that we want (we have an archive of images).
What I would ask is to have access to a 2.20 image of ReachView for the M in order to flash it into the device and have root access at my own risk.


Hey there,

Just wanted to give you an update. On the latest dev version v2.23.4, the remote reboot of the units for non-root users is now allowed.

Please note that dev versions are mostly used for testing purposes and aren’t intended for real field use.

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