Issues with getting fixed solution on v2.23.1

On 2.23.1 I can not even get a floating solution. WiFi constantly falls off.
With every upgrade, RS2 is getting worse. Now it’s just a piece of plastic for good money. It’s good that there is a spare receiver.

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Hi Aleksandr,

The v2.23.1 is a dev version.

I’d like to point out that dev versions are not intended for use for real field projects. The purpose of dev releases is early access to try the new features.

That’s why we recommend sticking with stable versions, as we thoroughly test each stable version before we push it to prevent any issues with the device.

May I ask you to generate the Full System report? You can send it to me in PM or over email.

After that, I’d recommend you reflash the device back to v2.22.2 stable release.

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Hi Tatina, I can’t go back to the stable version in the RS +, when I do the reflash it fails when the rebooting starts.
I tried several times

Hi Luis,

May I ask you to post your flasher logs?

To access them, you can follow these steps:

  • Press Win + R
  • The Run window should appear
  • Paste this string into the Run window: AppData\Local\Emlid\Reach Firmware Flash Tool\logs

It should open the folder with flasher logs. Please zip them and post here.

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Thanks for the logs! We’ll look into them and get back with the news.

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