Reach View 2.22.1

Hi Polina.

Does it work when using the rtk2go platform?.

You can show an example of how to fill credentials using the port above 3000.

Hey guys,

I apologize for the delayed response!

We’ve fixed the issues with connection to NTRIP casters on TCP ports < 3000 in the v2.23.3 dev update. Would it be possible for you to check it?

Hi Polina

I tried the update 2.23.3 since 5-03-20, the problem persist with unestable ntrip.

Thank you

Hi Edgar,

Do I understand correctly that you still can obtain the corrections from the NTRIP caster but can’t transmit them to it?


On the first attemps Where like that, but after in other days the correction recived vía ntrip was very unestable, almost All the time it was float.


Hi Edgar,

Sorry for the delayed response!

As a good old tradition, would you mind sharing the raw data, base correction, and position logs from the rover and the System report? :slightly_smiling_face: This will help us check the data received on the units.

Please send the system report to my PM.

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I try the new version of reachview today, it works perfectly in a little test in 30 mins.

Thank You

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Hi Edgar,

Thanks for the update! Good to know the update fixes the NTRIP issues for you :slight_smile:

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