Reach RS+ Wi-Fi randomly switches off and stays off

Hi everyone,

one of my Reach RS+ units, which I use for surveying, shows a strange behavior: After some time (1 - 10 minutes) the blue wifi LED goes off and stays black. No wifi connection is possible from that point on. The unit is almost fully charged, the firmware has recently been reflashed, and configured for RTK over LoRa.

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Any ideas? Help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi Uli,

Thank you for providing system reports. We’ll look into this issue in the nearest time!

My unit not only switches Wi-Fi off, the whole system sometimes switches off right after startup. Occasionally, about 30 seconds after switching the system on, it completely turns off again. The second start attempt usually succeeds. Overall this unit is very unreliable.

@CpNemo reported that the unit now behaves properly.

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