Reach RS+ batteries never stop charging

I observe a strange behavior on one of my new Reach RS+ units: The amber power LED never stops flashing after I connect the USB cable, even after several days of charging. On my other RS+ unit the LED stays permanently on after few hours, which i understand signals the end of charging. Could a flashing amber LED mean something different, than “charging”?



Does the unit turn on and work as expected when you disconnect it from charger?

Yes, the unit works as expected. However, I am uncertain about the battery state. Do you think reflashing the firmware could bring any improvement?


When you look at the battery strength indicator in Reachview (click on the battery icon) it will display the battery voltage, the % of charge, and some other things. After charging, does it go up to 100%? What is the voltage after several hours of charging? Does the battery drain faster than your other Reach RS+ units (it sounds like you have more than one.)

The only thing I can think is that a battery is faulty, and won’t charge up to the max potential, so the charger just keeps trying to charge.

Try to get a little more information. After a lot of charging, how high can the battery voltage and the % go?

My batteries seems to show 3.4 volts when 100% charged, and 3.29 volts at 90% charge, but I think this is very temperature dependent, so your numbers may be different.

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Thanks for your advise, Thomas.

After several cycles of charging/discharging my batteries finally reach 100%. Sometimes new batteries don’t have the full rated capacity a the beginning, but reach it after a few charging cycles. I suppose this might have been the problem in my case. Anyhow, problem solved!


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