Reach Rover to Geophysical Instrument Integration

I’m trying to understand if this is possible and what configuration I need in terms of hardware and ReachView settings to make this happen?

  • GPS Base - GPS Rover, RTK corrections via radio
  • Rover NMEA out to geophysical instrument via RS232 serial (no other options exist here on geophysical instrument side)
  • Rover NMEA out to Android Phone via Bluetooth
  • Power to rover via USB
  • Log rover and base too

I’ve pointed out on my diagram the integration points where I’m unclear as to whether this is feasible or not.

After further exploration of ReachView, it appears I can configure two simultaneous output streams on different devices. The advanced settings section allows for a second stream out. This may be the solution for simultaneous serial + Bluetooth streams but I need to test.

in reach view you have output solution 1 and solution 2. it is possible to send simultaneously to 2 devices.

if you use usb radio at rover for getting corrections you can use serial for output.

regards andreas

Ok that makes sense. I am using USB power source. But what about my other question on the diagram regarding the serial port contention? How can i use my serial radio and stream output over the same serial port?

i dont think that you can use the same uart for 2 different connections…

but wait till emild team is back in buisness…

I see my Reach has two DF13. Can I use both?

Back in business? What’s going on?

emlid is still working on complete new reach view. it contains also update to new firmware for ublox.
it should be ready very soon.

at the moment it is a bit silent with support…


The DF13 pinouts are not the same:

You can use one UART for two connections if one is IN and another one is OUT.

How do I physically accomplish that? What type of wiring do I need. And what about RS232 compatibility, where does that stand?

Reach has 3.3V TTL UART, so in order to connect to RS232 equipment you will need an UART<->RS232 converter.
Simply wire TX to your equipment through converter and RX to your radio without converter.

Ok but what about power, does the RS232 need power? The same question goes for ground? Do I need to splice ground and power since radio and RS232 need them?

SenMod RS232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module for Equipment Upgrades Like DVD

you should connect gnd to radio and rs232.

but be carefull that you dont double power reach or other device…

Maybe the adapter I’m using has both in/out so I don’t need to splice? I know the pins I’m using in the photos are the ins but I don’t know what the second set is for.

I think that pins are just doubled. All you need to do is wire the TX to the converter and RX to the radio. But do not connect RX to converter at the same time, it will cause errors.

@igor.vereninov, What if the radio was not involved, should I still only connect the Tx from the Reach to the adapter? What’s the issue in also connecting the Rx?

There is no issue with connecting the Rx and normally you would connect both lines to the converter. I have just offered you an option how to split the port for your application.

Is there any update on this discussion? I’m very interested in the topic as I am a geophysicist. I would like to know if the EMLID Reach has a serial output option over a DB9 connector that can stream NMEA 0183 messages.

I used it with partial success. However, I’m 99% sure the issue was that the update rate on the NMEA messaging was incompatible with what the GPR expected. You cannot control message type nor rate on the Reach. I’ve added that feature request to multiple threads but don’t know where it lies on the Emlid priority list.

However, if the NMEA strings and rate that Reach outputs is compatible with your equipment, the setup described above absolutely works from a wiring perspective to DB9.

I am trying also to send cordinates from Reach RS through the serial rs232 to db9 cable connected with my GPR monitor
However I can’t get any cordinates and I tried all the available baud rates.
I just saw your post that you were facing similar situation
Any suggestion?