RS232--DB9 connector

Can anyone help me with this?
I want to connect my reach module to an existing autosteer in my tractor.

This is the pinouts for it:


What do I need to make this work. I want to use a powerpack for power for the reach as the existing is 12 volt on the tractor. Will be using either a cell phone hotspot or radios for corrections
Any help greatly appreciated.

So maybe this post is what I need

The title implies that you have a DB9 connector(s). So you have a cable? If not, then are the pins on the tractor make or female?

Could you explain what columns in that chart are for? Is it: Antenna, Signal Name, DB9_A, DB9_B, Deutch Connector??

The only signals you should need from that list are RX, TX, SIG GND

RS232 implies higher voltage than you should be feeding Reach, so a RS232 to UART (3.3V) adapter is required.

Good Morning Bide
Seems kind of silly looking at this today -20c this morning but…
You are correct the left column is from the GPS (its a 12 pin connector at the GPS) I am using now the column next to that is DB9-A (Serial A) and the next is DB9-B (Serial B).
And the deustch connector is not used in my setup.
My present set up uses DB9-A to connect into the tractor harness, the tractor harness is a DB9 female end.

The DB9-B is a male end on the tractor harness

I can use either of these DB9 to feed the gps signal in as I can select either on my screen.

You are correct at present the system uses 12 volt sent to the GPS unit. I see quite a difference in the price of those adapters any insight into them?

Also the NMEA messages I need are CGA and VTG

The GPS I use now is capable of RTK but of course these companies want several thousand dollars to unlock that and my operation is to small for that.


-20c, eh? So it’s still flip-flops and socks weather, but you probably had your sleeves and long pants on today. :wink:

I’m not going to assert anything, but my intuition says use Serial B with the RS232 to UART converter. (no, I don’t know which ones are better than others)

Is Manual Mark in even used? Maybe for marking waypoints for later retrieval after post-processing?

I will try one of the converters, wont be out a lot if it does not work.


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