Wi-Fi connection issues

Hello since the release of this version i received reports of troubles with WiFi connection! Anyone having the same issue?

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Hi Adriano,

Please specify what firmware version you’re referring to: 26 or 26.1. This is essential for us to understand that to determine the possible cause of the issue.

Also, it’d be great if you could give us more details about the connection issue. Does the unit disconnect from the app?

Hello Polina!

Client’s noticed the issue the day the firmware update was released. What happens is that the device shows in the ReachView 3 list but says it can’t connect.

Follow video showing the issue. WhatsApp Video 2021-05-24 at 15.39.23.zip (4.1 MB)

In this video the Firmware was in 26, client will test the connection in 26.1.
But another client had the issue before and after updating to 26.1.

Hi Adriano,

Thanks for sharing the video, it’s very descriptive!

Is it possible to access the Reach device via the browser by entering

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Hello @tatiana.andreeva! i’m waiting for the client to answer back with the test, since he updated to the latest firmware after the issue showed in the video.

Will need to wait for him to check on the field.

As soon as i have a answer from him, will be posting it here!


Hello @tatiana.andreeva!

I’ve received the feedback from my client. ReachView 3 connection with RS+ is stable and looks to be working fine!

To note that the client updated the firmware to v26.1!

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Thanks for the update! It’s great to know that the 26.1 is working fine for your client!

Please contact us in case of any instabilities via support@emlid.com or via the forum.

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