M2 disconnects from the app

I too having same kindly of issue specially on Reach M2 in the firmware of 26.

This randomly happening and totally unfair …not at all user friendly.

Tried login using static IP also
No response from M2.

you need to find out the IP address of the M2 in order to use a web browser. Try Google it will tell you how to identify IP address of devices. It differs if using a phone hotspot vs a normal router.

Reach M2 while booting up it’s look for already saved network ( wifi) if available it go client mode which that router will assign ip to M2.

If M2 goes to hotspot mode the default my is and reach app also display the same.so need to google it .

Hi Kalai,

You can use ReachView 3 app to connect to the unit. Just connect to the same network as the device and open the app. You will see the unit in the list of the available devices. It’s the most convenient way to connect to the device.

As @jp-drain-sol has mentioned, if you’re trying to access the device via the browser, you need to use the IP address of the unit in the network. You can find it out in the ReachView 3 app, for example, or by running any other network scanning utilities like NMAP or Fing.


Thanks for your reply .

I individually accessing each unit with their static ip not with router.

Yes I know if we connected both them via router it will assign IP to them and it will show individual ip in Reach view 3.

Problem is that that:
I am trying to convey that ,in outdoor most cases if reach M2 get hot it’s not connecting properly.even well established connection also cannot read anything from unit and it’s automatically disconnect.

If again trying to connect via app it’s doesn’t connect as mentioned issue.

Hi @Kalai_Selvan,

Thanks for your patience!

As I can see, you’re already in touch with Kseniia over the same issue in this community forum thread. Let’s keep all the discussions regarding one topic in one thread as not to cause confusion.

Regarding the disconnections from the app, we’ve significantly improved this connection in the 26.1 Reach Firmware. So it’d be great if you could update to the latest firmware version 26.2 to check if the issue remains for you.

Please share your results with us in the corresponding thread.

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