Simplified access to Reach in a browser with the new Firmware 31

Today we have released the Reach Firmware 31 update. It simplifies access to your Reach receiver in a browser through Reach Panel. Take a closer look at the new features and give them a go.

Easily access your Reach in a browser

You can access your receiver in a browser by entering its IP address and view it through Reach Panel. This is a tool that allows you to check the state of the unit, download logs directly to your computer, and set the advanced configuration of the NMEA messages output. To do so, make sure that your Reach and mobile device/laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Previously, to open Reach Panel, you had to check the dynamic IP of your Reach in Emlid Flow. Now, the access process is easier as you can set up a static IP address for your receiver in a particular network. Your Reach will have a unique address, and you won’t have to look it up every time you want to go to Reach Panel.

Set up a static IP for your Reach when connecting to a new Wi-Fi network. For more details, check out this tip and the detailed guide on how to access Reach Panel.

Logs in Reach Panel

Other improvements

With this update, we have also released a few other improvements:

  • Ability to download session logs to a single archive. You can now download all the logs from the same session, including the raw data, position track, and base corrections, in one tap.
  • Added ability to use non-ASCII characters for NTRIP username and password. These characters are now fully valid: à, á, â, ã, ä, å, æ, etc.
  • Updated LoRa frequency constraints for different countries. If you use LoRa, make sure your frequency rates are correct the next time you set up your base and rover.

Note that Reach Firmware 31 is available only for Reach RS2+/RS2/RS+ and Reach M2/M+ receivers.

The complete list of changes

Improved, added, and changed

  • Ability to set a static IP address when connecting to a new Wi-Fi network.
  • Maximum Age of Differential reduced from 60 to 10 seconds.
  • Ability to download session logs to a single archive.
  • Ability to use non-ASCII characters for NTRIP usernames and passwords.
  • Updated LoRa frequency constraints for different countries.
  • All multi-band devices can now work only in kinematic GNSS mode.


  • A bug related to FIX sound notification during device loading.
  • Cases where Wi-Fi couldn’t be re-enabled after it was turned off.
  • Cases where Reach falls to searching for Wi-Fi and does not go to hotspot mode.
  • An issue with the NTRIP caster hostname couldn’t be resolved after a restart.
  • An issue with the Reach hotspot not being able to assign an IP address to the device.
  • A bug that caused the Age of the Differential to grow uncontrollably and not recover on LoRa connection.
  • Cases where logs were not restarted at intervals.
  • Cases where logs could not be downloaded and Reach responded with Internal Server Error.

I can access a reach panel from another location (on another wifi network?) I don’t know if I understood very well…

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Hi @joaovitorlara8,

Currently, you can access Reach Panel only when connected to the same Wi-Fi network Reach is connected to. We introduced the feature that allows setting the static IP address for Reach so it can be easier for you to find the receiver in the network.


Does the older Emlid RS (Edison) (non-plus) just only go up to FIRMWARE Version 28.4?

Is there a reason these cannot also go beyond that to Version 31 and on?


I’m having trouble setting the base to static. The option to set the base as static is not showing up in this update.


they removed it… search recent posts. apparently doesn’t affect multi-freq receivers.

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Can Emlid RS (Edison) use Firmware 31? Thank you!

Hi Oscar,

As @timd1971 mentioned, we removed this setting for the multi-band Reach receivers. Now, this setting is always Kinematic. But it won’t affect the way your receiver calculates the solution.


Hi @timd1971,

The latest available firmware version for Reach RS is 28.4.


Hello everyone!

Today we’ve released a new Reach Firmware 31.1


  • Fixed some cases when it was impossible to connect to Wi-Fi network using a static IP address
  • Fixed some cases when logs were not visible after the update
  • Fixed some cases when it was impossible to enable Wi-Fi after turning it off
  • Fixed some cases when Reach disconnected from the Wi-Fi right after it connected to it

Upgraded from 30.1 today to 31.1; logs disappeared and I can no longer acquire a fix from my local NTRIP caster. How can I go back to an older version?

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Oh :poop:

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OK, figured out how to roll back using Reach Fimrware Flash tool and downloading the file from " but the product setup forces me back into 31.1. Lame. I’m dead in the water; please release patch or let me roll back. Both my receivers are exhibiting the same behavior, and both started after the “upgrade”.

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After u d/l v30.1, before u reflash, can u disconnect from internet so it doesn’t check & grab the newer v31.1? Maybe remove the v31.1 file also before reflashing?

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Hi @SSD,

Thanks for reporting.

Did you work with the 31 Beta release before that? We introduced the fix to 31.1 for the logs display which should have fixed the issue that was on the 31.0 release.

Please check whether the logs are being recorded for you now. If they don’t, please send me the Full system report from the receiver to We’ll find a way to resolve it.

We didn’t introduce changes to this stack. Most likely, the issue is caused by other factors, not firmware updates. Is the internet connection stable? Please check the recommendations in our post to troubleshoot this. If it still doesn’t work, let me know.

Please note that we don’t have a supported way of rolling back to the older firmware versions.

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Thank you so much for the response and support!

I did not work with the 31 Beta release before upgrading. I upgraded from 30.2 to 31.1; after the upgrade the issues started. However; when I flashed the firmware with 30.1 last night, and it forced me back to 31.1 functionality appears to be restored; both logging and getting a fix from a public NTRIP caster. Which means I can function my business again; awesome! I’ll send the System Reports you request anyhow since the rover’s logs are still unavailable.

Hi Danny,

I received the report, thank you! I’ll check everything and write you back in the email.

Hello everyone!
Today we’ve released a new Reach Firmware 31.2

  • Fixed some more cases when logs were not visible after the update
  • Fixed some cases when the log duration was displayed incorrectly

After the latest firmware update, I am having a problem with my RS2 status indicator lights and sounds. Often, the LED indicator blinks slow even with fix status. Also, when fix is achieved, the receiver sometimes makes the sound it is supposed to make when it loses fix status. Sometimes the LED problem is resolved by selecting a different NTRIP profile and reselecting the desired profile. I have two receivers with this problem on 31.2. My receiver on 31 does not seem to have these problems.

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reporting!

It seems that in some rare cases, you can catch the behavior you described. We’ll fix this in future releases.